City and CBSA to Enter Financial Agreement

The Standard Freeholder is reporting on an agreement between the CBSA and the City.   L I N K

“City council is expected to enter into an agreement with the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) tonight which will see the municipality reimbursed for expenses incurred since the facility was opened July 13, as well as any future ones.

“I think with this agreement anything (CBSA) asks us to do, we’re going to be fully compensated for financially,” said Coun. Andre Rivette. “This would include any past work done by city employees or future requests.”

Grant added that the proposed agreement doesn’t seem to have any time lines, however, council will be encouraging the CBSA and the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne to reach a settlement.

“Once the weather gets bad, even from safety perspective of lineups on the bridge, we need to see an end to this quickly.”

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  1. How about they (CBSA) also reimburse local business’ for what they put the local business’ through as well?

  2. LOL CBSA couldn’t pay rent for the building on the Island, Why should I believe they will reimburse us

  3. Author

    666577 can you document CBSA not paying rent? I think it’s a bit unfair to make them the big villain in this mess as they are simply following direction from the Minister and the government. While I’m sure there have been grievances by CBSA officers over the years, even by non-natives, for the most part I think they do a fine job.

  4. Jaime,

    You are at the tent enough.. Ask around! Its been said before that CBSA owes.. Just repeating what I have heard in the past.

  5. Author

    Could you clarify your question 666577??



  6. Next time you are at the tent Jamie inquire about how much Back rent CBSA owes, I am under the assumption that it is a large amount.

  7. Well then let me clarify my comment, either the CBSA, or the Government, that pulls the strings somewhere along the lines, should make restitution to the fair citizens and business’ of Cornwall, for all the lost business suffered, due to what seems to be their (Government or CBSA’s) inaction on the matter from the beginning.

  8. Author

    I couldn’t agree with you more and wrote that months ago. I think the Federal Government owes Cornwall and the area money. I bet a class action suit by residents of Cornwall, Akwesasne, and Massena would work as well.

    There has to be justification to take the actions the government has and so far; unless there really is some super secret information huddled close to Stephen Harper and Guy Lauzon’s breast….

  9. Author

    666577 I don’t need to go to the tent to ask that. If you wish I can email that question to CBSA and the MCA.

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