Council moves the Arena Onward and Upward – Bernadette Clement bristles at 13% increase in budget – Council debates merits of proposed cuts

DEVELOPING – In a special session today of Cornwall City Council it was decided to move forward at full speed with the 3 plus 1 arena project.  staff With such luminaries as Scott Lecky & Joe Gunn in the audience crowd the presentation, discussion, and debate lasted nearly three hours.intense

We’re busy crunching video which we hope to be adding to this story during the night and early tomorrow.

It’s a difficult position for the mayor bobarenaand council as their Legacy will hang on this project.   It may be the city manager’s and committees that make this project work, but as the people who voted “yes” it hangs on the Council’s heads.

Wouldn’t it have made sense to have a plebiscite to decide if the citizens of Cornwall wanted to spend so much on such a large project?

As much as I respect the conviction and merits of the arguments for ramming forward with the project as it stands, and I think it should stand as it is and not be nickel and dimed as that’s a very false savings,  I like many who read this hope this doesn’t end up as a big mess financially as Cornwall really can’t afford to take a bath on this project.

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