Vancouver 0-3 – Panic in the Streets! Habs looking at familiar names to plug holes STREIT SOURAY??

That greedy Dominic Moore turned down a lot of money from the Leafs only to get a 1 year minimum wage gig with Florida.    Hope that teaches a few hockey players and their agents a lesson in the future.  This year seems to be full of examples of players overpricing themselves while knowing the market was soft.

There still are some talented unemployed NHL’ers too.    The Habs are looking to plug a whole.   They’ve been woefully outshot to start the season and now with Markov gone for 3-4 months and Ryan O’Byrne out for a span they have decided it seems that they need to plug a whole.

Sheldon Souray and Mark Streit’s names both come into play with Souray having an edge as Edmonton would probably really like to dump his contract.    That of course would leave Montreal in straits when Markov comes back as Souray’s cap hit is not budget friendly.   Neither is Streits.     Sergei Kostitsyn finally reported to Hamilton where the diva will hopefully learn some NHL rules about player conduct.

The Habs are off to Calgary to try and put out the Flames who are 2-0.    This would be a good game tobet on  if you like long shot odds…

Last night the Cursed Canucks continue their losing ways.    All those fat contracts are not paying off yet as they lost to Columbus 5-3 last night.   The Rangers topped the Devil’s 3-2 as well.

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