Canucks Destroy Habs 7-1 – Welcome to Montreal Jacques Martin

Getting two wins in the bank probably was the best of all starts for Jacques Martin and the Montreal Canadiens.   The two losses on the Western swing; especially last nights 7-1 beating by Vancouver are the kind of performances that cost people jobs.

The Habs were actually worse last night than in Calgary.    Whatever gameplan that Coach Martin has doesn’t seem to fit for the players he has.    He has some tiny quick forwards that’s he has playing touch hockey.   They need to carry the puck and draw penalties.

He has a mess for defense that doesn’t seem to have a stomach for taking the body much or letting the goalie see the puck.

And then there’s Carey Price who looked like he was wearing a Leaf’s sweater instead of a Habs one.

At least Montreal didn’t get shut out as the Penguins did, 4-0 to the lowly Coyotes.

In other NHL news the Detroit Red Wings signed veteran bruiser Brad May to a $500K 1 year contract.

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