Seaway News – A new low in BIAS – unauthored Political Attack story – EDITORIAL

Hmmm…..Page 26 of this weeks Seaway News under the Turkeys Turkeys Turkey story by Nick Wolochatiuk is a bold slug line.

Liberals Vote Against Economic Recovery.    This story has no author which is odd even for the Seaway news and goes on to rip the Grits a new one purely piling on single sided politically dogmatic Conservative Propaganda.

Was this simply part of Guy Lauzon’s column, and printed separately so as to not draw negative attention to our MP?  If it’s an editorial which editor there approved or wrote it?

It’s base and shameless politicking of the worst possible nature and gives our area a black eye when people stumble upon it.   I think the Seaway News owes the other political parties that are announced in the next Federal election equal time and I think the paper owes all concerned an apology.

Shame on you Rick Shaver for descending to this sort of thing.  If you’re going to print such one sided trash at least own it.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

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