For a Party that Claims it doesn’t want an election….Guy Lauzon mails out a book sized pamphlet – Propaganda in the Seaway News.

L I N K If the link works it should take you to page 26 of this week’s (October 8, 2009) edition of The Seaway News.    The article in question has a slug line that reads ” Liberals Vote Against Economic Recovery”.

This story has no byline.  It is not listed as an editorial.  It has been posted as a blind news story which it really is not.    Apparently it is part of Guy Lauzon’s column, but has been allegedly severed for some unknown reason; most likely to not draw attention as a personal attack by Guy.

It’s just plain wrong; as wrong as today’s massive mailing from Mr. Lauzon.   The expensive 8 page 11″x17″ 3 fold makes some very bold fibs statements.

Mr. Lauzon, never terribly good at maths, suggests massive amounts of investment in this riding quoting projects not yet begun and amounts not yet spent; many of these projects not funded solely by his government.

It basically is a list of bribe-like offerings to gain votes which has resulted in unprecedented deficits by our Federal Government.

Pictures of Guy standing over Support our Troop posters while the Harper Government tries to dump Veteran Hospitals like the one in Ste Annes Quebec over to Provincial control in an effort to deprive Veterans of the quality of care that they deserve.

In the meanwhile it mentions nothing about the 50% plus rise in EI claims in this riding.  It mentions nothing about how not a single job at the new Federal call centre has gone to a not currently employed by the Federal government local resident that isn’t bilingual (or bilingual either).

The one thing I like about this massively expensive document is the opportunity that I wish as many of you as possible take up.

It’s a list of 3 questions which I am going to add as poll questions here.   If you get this pile of paper waste please mail it to Guy and please take our poll here too.   Let’s send Mr. Lauzon some answers he desires.

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