Quick Hits for Sunday October 11, 2009

Here are your latest quick hits for Sunday October 11, 2009

Is the GG Head of State in Canada? This is an interesting story; especially for many of our friends on the Island.  “Ms. Jean’s new website — along with revelations that references to the Governor-General as “head of state” are also found in the main Rideau Hall tourist brochure and visitors’ centre in Ottawa — prompted Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s chief spokesman to urge that the references be corrected.” So maybe residents of Akwesasne should be trying to resolve the bridge crisis with the GG’s office as the Harper Government doesn’t seem to want to represent the Queen’s Interests…..

Quebec Fraudster Vincent Lacroix Jailed for 13 YearsLacroix was arrested in August 2005. He fleeced 9,200 mutual-fund investors out of close to $100-million, many of them ordinary people and retirees.” Mr. Lacroix could be out as soon as 2011 as he’d be eligible for parole.

CBSA Largest Drug Bust ever! $14.5 Million in Poppy Pods Congrats to CBSA!

Northerners Brace for Round 2 of Swine Flu – H1N1

Inuit Renew Taste for Bowhead WhaleThe Inuit who occupy Quebec’s far north had not participated in the bowhead hunt for more than a century, elders estimate – The immense baleen whale, with the thickest layer of blubber among its species, could at one time sustain a whole Inuit community with the meat and oil it provided over an entire winter”


Marge Simpson Gets Nekkid

Canadian Space Food Advance – The Search for Haute Cuisine for Astronauts

Half Quebec Churches to be Closed by 2016?

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