Cornwall City Council – Tuesday October 13, 2009 – Hot Topic GLENGARRY APARTMENTS condo conversion

Tonight should be a busy Cornwall City Council meeting.    If you’ve never seen how your town works you should stop by and watch.  It’s free and can be very entertaining as well as educational.

Like they say; whomever “they” are; “If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem.”

The topic du Jour ce soir is the Condo Conversion of the Glengarry Apartments next to the East Court Mall.    Spearheaded by Cornwall City Councilor Andre Rivette the fight is to get council to not allow the 150+ apartments in the middle of Cornwall to forever be changed to Condos.

While the current owners are being reasonable and generous nothing in their proposals protects residents if the complex is sold to a not so reasonable new owner.   Essentially allowing them to do the legal spade work and then flipping the property for large profit.

There’s nothing wrong with condos and there’s nothing wrong with converting apartments to condos in general.   But this complex is just too important to its residents and to Cornwall to lose so many rental doors in one fell swoop.

Here’s hoping that Council votes this proposal down although the owners have indicated they’ll appeal any negative decision to the Ontario Municipal board.

What do you think Cornwall?

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