Cornwall Jail Haunted! Creepy Canada and Ghost Hunters – CORNWALL ONTARIO

kev Click Kevin’s Lajoie’s (of the Standard Freeholder) photo to read his coverage of the Cornwall Jail being covered by the TV Show GHOST HUNTERS.  There even will be 3 paranormal sessions open to the public on October 24th.

Here are episodes of Creepy Canada on the Cornwall Jail.



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  1. my family and i went to cornwall jail my son, daughter, wife, and mother, during the tour my mother and daughter got into a jail cell for a pic. as soon as the pic was over my mother said she felt violently ill, so ill she said she had to “get out now” as soon as she was outside she was better…creepy

  2. Visited the Cornwall jail with my family. Was allowed to go around where we had toured in order to take any pictures I liked, so I would not disturb anyone during the actual tour. While leaving the prision yard, the phone on the wall of the guard station rang one long ring and stopped. I thought nothing of it until I was told that all of the phones in the prison had been disconnected some time ago. It was my mother who checked the same phone that rang and found that indead the phone was dead., there was no dial tone at all… very creepy!

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