Courage in Red – RCMP Show airing on OLN – Cornwall Episode! Cornwall Ontario

Here’s the teaser:  Dig the heart pounding music and fast editing!


Please be advised the web site for the new TV Series “Courage In Red” a look inside the RCMP is:
You will see when the shows air and other information on the series.  The Cornwall Customs and Excise episode will air December 13th on the Outdoor Life Network.
There are a total of 13 episodes playing each Sunday starting November 1st.

Sgt. Michael Harvey
Cornwall RCMP Detachment
Tel:  613-937-2831
Cell: 613-551-0747
Fax: 613-937-2804

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  1. All hail the police state! Spend millions in order to prevent a whopping 5% of “Contraband” tobacco from entering the market. All this to ensure that you smokers get to pay more for what you want to consume! As if the very act of smoking wasn’t punishment enough.

    If preventing organized crime is the goal, why do they not simply remove the taxes, rather than militarizing the police? Maybe prevention is not really the goal, maybe the militarization is.

  2. I could not agree more… What a waste of the money we pay in taxes every year, No wonder Canada is in the state it is in.. Oh and the High Canadian Dollar is hurting Canada !! haha right

  3. Actually, the high Canadian dollar does hurt Canada, only because we let our country get backed into a corner when no one wants to do business in our country because it costs them too much. Many call centers are very complacent in this. Hence why you end up talking to places like India when you need help with your Canadian cell phone or internet service. It’s a sad sign of the times unfortunately.

    As for the police state, I’ve been consistently warning that this has been happening for a long time now. Leave it to government to keep passing vague and obtuse bills like C-15. While the US is relaxing their laws. And also Obama just ordered federal agencies to back off.

    In the actions of our Canadian Government, it’s all to enact a state of control over the people. But unfortunately, while I watch it happen, everyone says I’m full of it. Let you all be warned in any case. Keep letting the government get away with this and soon enough, we as a whole, won’t be able to do anything about it. This doesn’t only go for the native communities, this goes for everyone!

    But rest assured, Guy is getting OUR money back for us in the form of investment in Cornwall and area infrastructure (along with paid for by the government [us] propaganda). So we can be sure nothing shady is going on now, and be comfortable in how this money is being invested….

  4. Wow,

    A police state? Really? Where a murder can be out in 5 years? And the USA is relaxing their laws, as they continue to Kill murders?

    You guys do not use your head.

    All i can say is wow. Imagine if we got rid of all of our laws. Our counry would fall apart. Imagine the chaos that would occur if we got rid of the police. The police have their hands already tied, and to take away any more of their powers, would leave them ineffective. Glad that we have ‘proud’ canadians like yourself living here. Why dont you join the police or military and make a difference, if you dont like the way things are being run.

    Or even better yet, MOVE AWAY!

  5. Spend a few thousand dollars and blow up the Island and be done with it. Oh but wait, we tax payers will still have to pay all the medical bills of all those tax evading smokers who get cancer and other diseases from smoking that crap for years to come. If they paid taxes on cigarettes then at least they could contibute to their medical bills and all us law abiding citizens would’nt have to pay it all.

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