So why does Cornwall want Fewer City Councilors? Who gains and what are the impact of such a possibility? CORNWALL ONTARIO

So why does Cornwall want Fewer City Councilors?  Who gains and what are the impact of such a possibility?  CORNWALL ONTARIO

A tiny item snuck through this week’s city council meeting in Cornwall.    I love how council defers tough issues to city management for assessment and reports.  Usually it’s done so with the tacit goal of management coming back with justification with council’s desire.

So is this concept of reducing city council about power?  Right now there are 10 city councilors and the mayor.   There is a pretty diverse group of councilors.  You have conservative types like Dennis Carr, Glen Grant, Elaine MacDonald;  Liberal or Socially conscious ones like Kim Baird, Bernadette Clement, Andre Rivette, and Mary Anne Hug, and then you get some middle of the roaders like Syd Gardiner and Denis Thibault, and of course Mark MacDonald belongs to his very own group.  🙂

When you watch council each meeting and see how differing agendas and positions meet, clash, and come to terms on issues it’s interesting.

By reducing council by even two members it can dramatically impact what happens in this city and right now Cornwall is at a very special time.   It’s the beginning of the post Domtar era and the stones laid down now are going to really establish the foundations of what this city is to become in the future.

I personally hope that council remains unchanged.  Sadly, I don’t think this is in the cards unless citizens of Cornwall really make it happen.   I think that unless people want to see a consolidation of power in Cornwall we need to even consider expanding council.  Click any of the links below to contact your city councilors and call or email them and tell them what you want them to do to make Cornwall a better place.

There are many new residents in Cornwall and I think a lot of people hope to see this city grow.   Let’s grow Cornwall right, and make this city a showpiece for Ontario and Canada.

Let’s create a place that attracts people instead of fretting about our young people not wanting to stay, and let’s build a Cornwall that’s known more for its achievements and successes instead of cigarette smuggling; and the disability and pension capital of Ontario; and the control of a few groups who would hold Cornwall back to keep their grip on things rather than let it blossom.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

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Uh, Elaine MacDonald is probably the most left-wing and labour-oriented member of Council. She’s likely to be quite offended by being called a conservative. You might want to post a correction to your editorial.


Cornwall is hopeless. Anytime we want to build something new…it is typically scaled back to the point of not being useful, gets caught up in bureaucracy which delays the project to the point that we get half of the proposed idea at double the costs. I like how the City likes to promote these new developments as though they are indeed new. Sure, they are new in terms of construction, but they are simply replacing older structures. one replaces the other…. no real growth in terms of building something new in town. When our city is approached with a project… Read more »


Having 10 councillors working on behalf of the citizens of Cornwall would be alright… were that the case. 10 folks working to improve the quality of life for our current and future residents …planning, controlling, and implementing projects that promote health, education and welfare of the community …fostering the physical and intellectual growth of each and every one in the community, by encouraging wise social activities and prudent business and commerce…yeah, that sounds good. But it’s not going to happen with our current system of too many councillors with agendas, palms ready for a bribe, or concerned with their own… Read more »


My last post was simply a comment followed by an advisement, and not meant to solicit support. And you no doubt were pulling our legs — expressing the inability in good conscience to vote for an anonymous city councilor (“Anonymous” not being likely to appear on any municipal ballot). And anyway what does a name tell you? I’m not hiding my identity, but say rather I’m being coy; anyone connected to city politics and corruption knows exactly who I am. I busy myself studying the “ethically challenged” behaviour of those that are supposed to be serving us. Why am I… Read more »


It’s not the law that’s frightening (heck look what the crooks get away with), most of what was written is public knowledge, some is from legal documentation, some of it posted by law enforcement, and some by legal professionals. Simply typing in Trenholm Healy and William Wise and Gerrard Rose and Jamie Cameron, then mix them up and add words like: fraud, pollution, discipline… you’ll probably turn up reputab;e sources like the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Ministry of Environment, the Real Estate Commission of Ontario… take a look at the ethical history of these folks. As for my identity?… Read more »


The future belongs to those willing to accept change. From what I’ve read here today, Jamie, have you ever considered running for city council? You would make a great councillor truly representing the people!