Finland says High Speed Internet a Right – Canada slow and expensive – is this why we have the CRTC?

Canada, Silicon North, geeky Canucks, images quite common yet we have one of the the slowest and most expensive high speed internet of the civilized world.  turtle

Why is it that our government protects monopolies that control where we can get high speed internet and basically how much it costs while our neighbors around the world are speeding by us?

Here’s a story ( L I N K )

“Of 28 countries that offered very high speed internet service, Canada ranked second last on pricing. Canada was also just one of eight countries, none of whom were top performers, which imposed bit caps.

The report’s verdict on Canada was noted in the section discussing pricing which concluded “While penetration there is high, not only is speed lower, but prices too are high in every tier of service.”

What do you think Cornwall?  Are you happy with our High Speed Internet options?

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  1. No, that’s not why we have the CRTC. Declaring broadband a “right” is the government’s job, not the regulator’s — just as it was in Finland.

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