City Council Safe – No reduction of size – No return to Ward system – Now who’s going to rerun? CORNWALL ONTARIO

L I NK – Kevin Lajoie reports for the Freeholder;

“During a strategic planning session Friday, city council all but formally rejected the possibility of setting up a ward system, and they also poured cold water on the idea of reducing their own ranks.

On the whole, the majority of councillors seemed pleased with the current at-large system of representation, saying it is less divisive and healthier for decision-making.

Coun. Elaine MacDonald said a ward system could serve to “fragment” the city, while the at-large system requires elected officials to take a more global vision to decision-making.”

Good decision as Cornwall needs all the help it can get as it revitalizes.   If it’s handled right I can see an amazing waterfront; good infrastructure; gentrifying of neighborhoods, for instance I can see Montreal Road becoming a Westboro type corridor.

Now who’s from this group of council will be running in the next election along with Mayor Kilger?

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