Pro Line NHL Picks of the Day – Saturday October 24, 2009

This is a new feature we’re tinkering with.  We are going to suggest some NHL Pro Line Picks.  Please note that if you play these and lose it’s at your own risk!   Of course if you play these and win feel free to make a donation to The Cornwall Free News.  🙂

Either way we do not endorse nor encourage you to gamble, and these suggested picks are purely for entertainment purposes.

The list below doesn’t suggest that you take all or any of the picks; just the ones we consider.   If a game isn’t on the list it was too close for our experts to call.

Picks for Saturday October 24, 2009

NYR VS MTL –  We pick Habs and would even feel confident by picking them by 2 goals as Montreal is on a hot streak and are playing at home.   We’re not quite so sure about the Gaborik vs Cammallieri pick though.

OLG odds 1.65 or 2.3 for 2 goals +

BOS VS OTT – We’ll go with Ottawa on this one as Boston is all beat up and Ottawa has been showing some character of late.  OLG odds 1.5

FLA VS PHI – You really have to like longshots to pick FLA in this one.   PHI seems like a safe bet.  OLG Odds 1.4

WAS VS NYI – It’s a night for safe bets.  We pick WAS.  OLG odds 1.35 or 1.7 for 2+ goals.

NJ VS PIT – We pick Pit as Crosby is hot, but if you like longshots this is one we’d take.   OLG odds for PIT 1.45

DAL VS STL –  We’re going to go out on a limb and pick DAL for this one.   OLG odds of 2 or 2.8

NAS VS CHI – Even with goaltending problems we’re going with the Hawks at Home.   OLG odds 1.35

CLB VS ANA – We’re going with Saku and the Ducks OLG odds 1.55

NASH VS CPERR – We’ll pick the combo on this game and go with Corey Perry at OLG odds of 2.1


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