LETTER TO THE EDITOR – Kevin Parkinson – H1N1 Flu Vaccine – Cornwall Ontario

The media continues almost daily to browbeat the Canadian public into accepting the H1N1 vaccine,  now approved by Health Canada, a very shady government department that is intimately linked to the pharmaceutical giants. If you doubt that, read Shiv Chopra’s new book, “Corrupt to the Core,” and you’ll be horrified when you see how deep the rabbit hole goes up at Health Canada, according to this whistleblower and former employee.

In previous letters and at www.realitycheck.typepad.com I have spelled out the potentially harmful ingredients of the vaccines, and the fact that ALL vaccines produce side affects and weaken the body’s natural immune system. They are to be avoided.

An editorial in the Freeholder this week written by John Kastner struck a new low in its transparent attempts to misinform and mislead readers. Now, according to Kastner, it is an ‘embarrassment’ that Canadians are refusing the vaccine, and these same people are ‘uninformed’ and are causing the medical profession to ‘scratch’ their heads. So I guess flu vaccine ‘deniers’ should feel ashamed and stupid for questioning top-down directives from the government.

The irony is that Kastner is the one who is misinformed. He’s likely following a directive from his editor to get the good news about vaccines out there. Nowhere in his editorial does he even bother to list the ingredients of the H1N1 vaccine such as squalene and adjuvants.  Squalene has already been linked to the Gulf War syndrome in the vaccines of American soldiers. Do we really want to put this stuff in our bodies?
I think I would prefer listening to the 50% of health workers who are refusing the vaccine and find out from them what their reasons are  for refusing it.

We know what some of them would be already: incomplete testing, harmful ingredients with potential side affects, and even more sinister contents that so far, the mainstream media isn’t willing to entertain.

Finally, I came across a report on the profits of the pharmaceutical companies for just vaccines in 2007- a measly $16 Billion. According to Scientia Advisors in Massachusetts, vaccine profits in 2014 are predicted to rise to an astronomical $35 Billion! Do you think that governments around the world might be marketing what has become an unprecedented H1N1 flu vaccine campaign because of the massive profits that are at stake here?

Or can we trust out government departments like Health Canada, the Health Unit and the doctors to do the right thing and speak up?
Canadian citizens need to be told the truth about the H1N1 vaccine and what is really going on.

Kevin Parkinson – Cornwall Ontario

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