New Ghosts Discovered at Cornwall Jail – Sold Out Sessions mark growing interest in local phenomena CORNWALL ONTARIO – October 24, 2009

Haunted Ottawa and local psychic Doreen South discovered a new presence at The Cornwall Jail and Haunted Ottawa Open Paranormal Investigative evening.    ghost3

All three sessions were completely sold out at the popular yearly event.   Recently seen on the tv show TAPS and on Creepy Canada, the 175 year old jail, built out of Limestone which is conducive to spiritual activity has become a hot bed of paranormal interest in the area.

The presence discovered was inside a locked room that had been the Chaplin’s Office.  It’s now used for storage but an angry presence of a white haired man with a heavy aroma of tobacco was detected as well as a very high reading on the device used by the Haunted Ottawa team.

Candy Pollard had no explanation, while Barb Matthews and other staff shared of feeling very uncomfortable in the room on previous occasions.

Candy Pollard talks about the Jail.   httpv://

People came from as far as Ottawa to participate in the events; several make it a yearly trip.



Barb Matthews of the Cornwall Jail:   httpv://

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  1. Other than TAPS and the group “Haunted Ottawa”, has any other paranormal research group been allowed into the jail to investigate the location?

    It would seem only natural to have another group to come in to conduct an objective investigation of their own in order to either support or refute the claims of the reported sightings and occurrences made by the various witnesses and “Haunted Ottawa” themselves.

    In using the analogy of a typical police investigation, various different departments within the police force participate equally in order to ascertain the truth through objective analysis of the available data (witness reports, physical evidence, expert analysis, etc.).

    It just seems like only one group (“Haunted Ottawa”)has made claims supporting the supposition that the jail is haunted. The TAPS investigation ended after gathering only a couple of indeterminate pieces of “evidence” which one of the investigators claimed was not enough to label the location as “haunted”.

    Even though Haunted Ottawa has provided a few audio samples available for the public to review, they have yet to provide a detailed report for peer review and public scrutiny.

  2. I believe one of the spirits or ghost are that of Peter Balcombe put to death in 1954

  3. I am excited to be going to investigate with a Durham Region area Paranormal Investigation Team On Friday at the Jail. We are looking forward to it!

  4. i have a few pics that i took outside of the jail that appear too have faces on both pics can u send me the email for the county jail so i can email them please and ty

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