Halloween Hullabaloo A Night to Remember – Paul Aubin – Cornwall Ontario – November 4, 2009

Much to our delight, our annual Halloween party turned out to be an absolutely rip-snorting success, with everyone who attended singing its praises to the highest. From the quality of the venue to the fantastic music and light show provided by Polar Sound, this was definitely one of the best organized and best attended parties we’ve put on for a long time indeed.

The evening had many highlights, but without question the brightest was the dance-off for the two finalists in the “sexiest costume” competition. For those of you who missed it, let’s just say it was one of the hottest tie-breakers you could ever see. It was a sizzling performance that won’t likely be topped for a very long time. We hope to get some photos (and possibly a video) posted on our website soon.

We’re particularly pleased to have seen a great many new faces at this event; we hope we were able to make you feel welcome and that you’ll come to future events. Our DJ for the party, Jumpin’ Jim Landriault of Polar Sound, honoured us with the début of a new laser emitter he recently added to his light show. It created a spectacular display of colour that helped make what was already a fantastic set of music even more enjoyable. Most importantly, however, we’re eternally grateful to those of you who so generously gave cash donations to Pride despite our waiving of the admission fee – one of the surprises mentioned in our publicity campaign for the party. Thank you so much indeed.

We thank the following for their contributions to our Halloween Hullabaloo:

Adolphus Wellness Centre
Michael Bellefeuille
Best Western Parkway Inn
Bob Browning
Cornwall Fine Wines
Patti Edwards
Jim Landriault/Polar Sound
Quick Change Costume Shop
Roger’s Paint Shop
Roy’s Pools

Most of all, we thank you, the Queer community of Cornwall and our straight allies, for making it such an evening to remember. We hope you had fun.


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