Habs Can’t Win for Price or Price Can’t Win for Habs? Canadiens lose 5-4 to Atlanta – Leafs Lose Again

What is it with the Habs and Carey Price.   They seemed to start ok, but then the wheels fell off.    Sure there are injuries, but the team does seem perform better in front of Jaroslav Halak??

Last night 2 goals from Brian Gionta were not enough as the Habs lost 5-4 in regulation time.  Montreal outshot the Thrashers 38-30 as they lose their 5 game home win streak.   Both teams were without their best players.

The Leafs lost again spoiling Phil Kessel’s debut.   He took a sick 10 shots with no points and 2 penalty minutes.  Vancouver played for Andrew Raycroft as Roberto Luongo heals beating the Rangers 4-1.


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  1. I think the canadiens need to improve for Price. He is working so hard for them and they are not giving him the support he deserves. Mike Cammalleri is doing the work up the front yet down the back nobody is showing any leadership and passion for the game. When the team get a more consistent play going they may actually be able to win a game with Carey.
    Im australian so maybe i have no right to comment on hockey but this is my opinion.

  2. I think the Habs are slowly coming together… they are starting to click but I think Price is not doing enough though… he only stops the “basic” shots, anything fancy just goes in

  3. Price is doing a good job in the net and he’s working extremely hard in practises, but the real disappointment is the defense. 70-80% of the goals he lets in are due to poor defense and turnovers and frankly Price won’t win if this keeps happenening. Habs need an answer for their defense until Markov shows up.

  4. Maybe they should just make Jaroslav Halak their number one goaltender. I don’t know if it is the canadian pride clouding their judgement or what but it’s getting ridiculous. Halak has the same defense playing in front of him and is better without a doubt. C. Price is overrated.

  5. Price is a joke. He doesn’t know his nose from his behind. Player of October??? In what parallel universe? Yes, the team plays better with Halak, he does a better job.

  6. I do believe in the long run Price will deliver the goods, but only if the montreal media machine/impatient fans don’t ruin him first. Last night’s loss should not be pinned on his shoulders, he made many key saves, and I’m sorry but even the best NHL goaltender is at a disadvantage when the puck and be freely moved to the backdoor such as was the case for that game. He also had a strong game on friday in chicago. And halak as their number 1? Give me a break, good backup, will give the illusion of a potential starter, I just can’t see it happening.

  7. Price is overrated, an inflated ego & too mental (don’t be a genius-just stop the puck, joker)…Molson Cup winner for the month of October, with a 2-6 record, are you serious?…blame it on the defense all you want but plenty of teams are forced to rely on a goalie for a win (which crybaby Carey can’t seem to come up with)…I hear there are two superlative Hamilton up & comers with amazing stats…where are they? …& how about Halak’s winning streak…it’s unbelievable to me that he is replaced with this joker-choker, year after year, in the midst of aforementioned win streak…(last year Halak won nine-in-a-row, or something during the season, was replaced, & you know the rest)…so who do they throw in nets in the playoffs? You know the rest of the story…I was going to Boston tomorrow but changed my mind. I like the make-up of the “new” team…speed, speed & more speed…but…Price should go. He tries hard but isn’t worth the (you know) of admission…wake up management!

  8. Well i hope ur prepared to take the back Mr. Bonker because last nights game vs. the bruins just about shows price is number one and halak is number 2. and abou all tht egotistical sXXt, i wasnt aware u knew him personally. get ur facts straight and really wtch him before u decide to trash him because he is a great goalie and its fans liek u who are ruining him

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