Mayo Clinic Answers some H1N1 Flu Questions – November 4th, 2009

I love the Mayo Clinic.  It’s my favorite site for medical info and they have extensive information about

H1 N1.

L I N K Click the link to find out of you can get H1N1 more than once.  (You can’t for those that don’t want to click)

Canadian H1N1 Faces of the Victims Story from the Calgary Herald.  Interesting comment from a reader who was concerned about catching the flu while standing in line for the vaccine.

“Please do as much rest as possible, drink plenty of fluids and take your meds. I also got the vaccine last week but it was of no help. i think i caught the bug in the line up for the flu shot. Around 2000 people crammed in a building and many coughing.”

It’s important to read the information regarding going to get a flu shot.  If you’ve got the flu already you can’t get the shot.

Remember the best ways to avoid any flu is good hygiene.  Wash those hands.  Keep common surfaces in your home or work place clean.    Sneeze into your elbow, and if you do get sick; unless you have severe symptoms try and stay home.

For more information click on the EOHU link or our H1N1 link.

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