JM Vincelli & David Scott of want to cut your Hydro Bill and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

eosThe Cornwall Free News is proud to welcome our latest sponsor. JM Vincelli & David Scott are authorized dealers for KVAR Energy Controllers.

If you have a farm, or small workshop, or simply have a lot of machinery running in your home this device is geared to save you some money.

There are a myriad of motors running in your home.  From washing machines & dishwashers, to dvd players, to workshop tools.   If you go from room to room in your home you’d probably surprise yourself with how many small motors are running.

If you have a workshop, or run a farm the savings grow, and if you run a small machine shop or factory the savings add up fast especially if you don’t live in Cornwall and have to pay Hydro One.

How much would you pay to save 10-15% per month in Hydro usage and shrink your carbon footprint?

For more information about what JM & David can do for you visit their website today or you can call them at 613.362.4257


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