Stephen Harper a Quebec Nordiques Hockey Fan? – November 12, 2009

L I N K – I think Hockey.  I think Stephen Harper?  Methinks not.  Sweater vests yes; beating on little guys or natives, yes; suggesting that as the economy tanks it’s a good time to buy stocks; especially on a minimum wage salary, yes.

Dropping the puck at the opening ceremony of a new Ice Palace in the capital of La Belle Province?  It’s something that Mr. Harper seems to be slavering for; perhaps feeling that hockey is the push to win the hearts of Quebec voters from those nasty Bloc Quebecois types.

I don’t see it.   I think Quebecer’s deep down would rather hug Pierre Trudeau dolls than vote for Mr. Harper.   It’s not that there aren’t conservative people in Quebec; it’s just that Mr. Harper actually represents everything that every red blooded Quebecois with nationalistically tinged blood hates about Canada.

So I’m glad that Mr. Harper’s government may in fact help bring hockey back to La Belle Province.  I’m an old Hab fan and nothing was ever better than smushing those nasty Nordiques; especially if it was a play off game.

As for Mr. Harper I think he’d make a better Oiler fan; although spiritually, and I use this term loosely, I think he more fits the Leaf fan arch type myself.

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