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Concerns over US banks Capital Reserves (Citibank)

Blockbuster Losses Grow

I can understand that one.  Why pay such a high price when you can rent new DVD releases from Jonathans on the corner of 4th & Marlborough for 99 cents?

The Who to Perform at Super Bowl

Greenland Ice Loss Speeding Up

“About 190 governments will meet in Copenhagen from December 7-18 to try to agree a U.N. pact to slow global warming, fearing that rising temperatures will bring more powerful storms, heatwaves, mudslides and species extinctions as well as rising sea levels.

The study said losses of ice from Greenland would have been roughly double recent rates but were masked by more snowfall and a re-freezing of some meltwater before it reached the sea.”

Clone Farm – Does this scare the crap out of you too?

African Farming Issues Debated – Local Farmers vs Big Industry

Low US Dollar Leading to Oil Speculation Frenzy – Again

Green Computer Market Jumping

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