Lebowski Meets Strangelove – The Men That Stare at Goats – Cornwall Ontario Movie Review – November 14, 2009

So I went to see “The Men That Stare At Goats” .  I was expecting a Coen’esque trip and wasn’t let down.

Part “Big Lebowski” part “Dr. Strangelove”; this flick isn’t Oscar worthy, but the cast make it worthwhile.

Jeff Bridges, Ewan MacGregor, George Clooney, and Kevin Spacey in one of his campiest roles, made this rainy Saturday afternoon a very mellow one.     This is definitely the kind of movie you want to see in a dark space; especially if you have some sort of buzz going on..or remember what having a buzz felt like…like, um, some certain alleged journalists.

Ewan MacGregor Jedi Warrior bits galore and I loved Jeff Bridges in this flick.   I think Jeff’s performance alone was worth the price of my ticket.   The rest of the cast justified the popcorn.

The Men That Stare at Goats is playing at the Galaxy Theatre here in Cornwall.


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