Cornwall’s Torchbearer’s Bold Spirit Emotionally Lifts City – Heather Saaltink Olympic Torch Bearer – Cornwall Ontario – November 16, 2009

There were a lot of misty eyes at the aquatic centre this morning and it had nothing to do with the chlorine in the water.


Mayor Bob Kilger, on behalf of the Cornwall Torch Relay Committee announced Heather Saaltink as this city’s Olympic Torch Bearer for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.


Sadly it was a posthumous honor as Heather was killed in an alleged Drunk Driving accident on highway 138.


Rik Saaltink on his daughter Heather.


While the community mourns Heather, her memory will live on forever.  On December 14, her father Rik will run in her place.   The Relay takes place in Lamoureux Park at 10:45.  There will be performances and presentations including Graham Greer!   We will be covering it for you here.

Click TORCH RUN to go to the City of Cornwall website. Local student song!


please visit our sponsors and please; if you drink, don’t drive:

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  1. It seems a rare and wonderful affirmation of the undying spirit; a gesture honouring the aspirations of one, serving as inspiration to many.

    (Let’s continue sober and sincere, recognize what this gesture means, and guard against it being tarnished or misappropriated for any poor motive)

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