MP Guy Lauzon finally speaks to the Cornwall Free News! Cornwall Ontario – November 16, 2009 Defensive & Nervous –

Ok, his only words were “no comment”, but it’s a start.  It’s like Scrabble.  You start with little words and maybe one day you get a whole sentence…..


Mr. Lauzon’s wry smile as he said “no comment” actually showed some character.   The fact that he not only refuses to speak to one of the highest read newspapers in his riding or even our intern also says volumes about his respect for our readers; many of whom vote in this riding.   Even our own poll shows his party leading while the poll question shows his own support at less than 40%.

Mr. Lauzon is also one of the few MPs to not TWITTER.

Here’s what his body language says.   Judging by his hasty departure I’d be prone not to argue that one.

“Crossing Arms

Arms can act as the doorway to the body and the self. When they are crossed, they form a closed defensive shield, blocking out the outside world. Shields act in two ways: one is to block incoming attacks and the other is a place behind which the person can hide and perhaps not be noticed.

Crossed arms may thus indicate anxiety which is either driven by a lack of trust in the other person or an internal discomfort and sense of vulnerability (that may, for example, be rooted in childhood trauma).

The extent of crossing indicates how firmly closed the person is. This may range from a light cross to arms folded to arms wrapped around the person. An extreme version which may indicate additional hostility is a tight close with hands formed as fists. If legs are crossed also then this adds to the signal.

The hands in an arm-cross may also be used to hold the person in a reassuring self-hug, for example holding upper arms in a folded-arms position or wrapped around the torso, holding the sides. If the thumbs are up, this may indicate some approval or agreement with what is being said.

Crossed arms, especially when holding one another can show the person to be trying to keep themselves still. This can be to suppress any signals. It may also indicate repressed anger (I have to hold myself to prevent myself hitting you). In some cultures it also signals that the person is holding themself still so they can pay greater attention to you (and is hence a compliment).

When arms are not crossed, they expose the torso and the person, making them more vulnerable. This signifies comfort that often indicates trust. It can also be power position that dares the other person to attack whilst knowing that the other person dare not.

Crossed arms is a very obvious signal and if you do it in front of other people they will likely feel rejected and respond accordingly (including not agreeing with you).” L I N K

Pigeon or Great Statesman?   You decide.   What do you think Cornwall?

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  1. Maybe…Just maybe, it was the pigeon graphic. Just maybe.

  2. Author

    Actually we finally got Guy to speak “after” the pigeon graphic was released. He refused to speak to use prior…..

  3. Gee, it almost looked like he told you f-off at the same time as “No Comment”.. talk about body language. I would expect more from our MP other than his lack of response and nasty body-language. Almost looks like he was trying to run away from you.

    You would expect that an MP could easily answer questions instead of running away. But I guess this is what Guy is all about. Holding his tongue, except when it suits him to talk, or when a “favorable to him” media source is there to take pictures.

  4. C’mon folks. This is an anti-Guy blog site if you haven’t really noticed, so what do you really expect? Balanced reporting? Not gonna happen. So,where’s the photo of Bernadette reacting to all of this? Can’t have a local news item without Bernadette’s photo somewhere. Personally, I’m not a Guy fan, but let’s have at least a semblance of balance.

  5. Author

    This site has nothing to do with Guy Lauzon. It has to do with Cornwall Ontario, and some of the amazing things happening here.

    The “Free” in The Cornwall Free News is the fact that we allow diverse opinions. We have offered to not only interview Mr. Lauzon, but also allow him to submit material to us which he’s refused.

    We have shown space to the local Green Party, the local NDP, and the Local Liberals. We’ve even praised Conservative politicians. We gave ink to some obscure ideas too, and we’ve allowed your post.

    Freedom has a price. If you stand up on a soap box you can’t complain if you get egged. Mr. Lauzon as an elected official is there to assist and represent everyone in his riding. I for one have been severely let down by him as countless others have been too. There’s a lot of frustration with our MP; especially from his own supporters as seen by the polls on our site.

    Here at this paper we’re not afraid to call anyone out; just like we’re not afraid to shout out to those deserving praise through their good efforts. Btw, Ms Clement was at this exact same event, but you didn’t see her picture, nor those of most other politicians present so your criticism there isn’t really valid either.

    We do thank you though from taking time out of your day to read our paper and share your thoughts. Keep reading and tell your friends.

    Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

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