Is it time to give up on the 2009-2010 Habs Season?? Bob Gainey under the gun – November 20, 2009

bob So you lose your best player.   The difference between Winners and Leafs is how you deal with ADVERSITY.

ADVERSITY: A state of hardship or affliction; misfortune.

So you lose a few more players and some of your other stars have hiccups in their growth curves.    Now standing in the wind gazing patiently upon the horizon is a noble thing, but in professional sports; where the season before you made the play offs by a  slim point you have to be decisive at the…..decisive moment.

I’m thinking that time is coming up pretty quickly for Mr. Gainey.   Even intact there weren’t too many in the hockey world suggesting this squad was Lord Stanley destined.

Mr. Gomez has not lived up to his salary; as of yet.  Mr. Markov may not return and the other injuries and disappointments make for a situation where Bob may have to liquidate some stale assets and go for the draft as trading is not his strong suit.

Now that’s a hard pill to swallow in Montreal, yet one that Mr. Pierre McGuire is more than willing to offer to Mr. Gainey as it appears he’s gerrymandering to be the next GM of the Habs.

The Habs still aren’t that far away from a play off spot and this is hockey where things can happen, but I don’t see the ingredients right now especially with Brian Gionta who’s been the heart and soul of this team out.

What do you think?  Is it time for Bob Gainey to fold for this season?

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