Seaway Author, Maggie Wheeler Launches Final Novel – On a Darkling Plain – Cornwall Ontario

wheeler Photo & Content –  Jacqueline Milner:

Seaway Author, Maggie Wheeler Launches Final Novel

The fourth and final novel in Wheeler’s acclaimed mystery series was officially unveiled yesterday evening at The Training Institute inMorrisburg, Ontario.  As the haunting Cello music of Thérèse Motard filled the room, Ms. Wheeler greeted each and every invited guest.  After congratulatory words and praise by local dignitaries and great anticipation from the invited guests,

On a Darkling Plain was officially unveiled to the public.

Wheeler’s series, featuring university professor and reluctant sleuth Farran Mackenzie connects murder mystery with the history of the Lost Villages in Eastern Ontario.  This latest novel takes place in Iroquois and Massena.  With recorded facts taken from people who lived through the inundation of the St. Lawrence Seaway, Wheeler skillfully knits together fact with fiction for this much anticipated final entry in Wheeler’s mystery series.

On a Darkling Plain is available in Cornwall through Coles bookstore in Cornwall Square.  Maggie will be delighted to sign your personal copy at Coles November 28, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

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  1. i read violent end i got it from kobo wonderfull read i will read all your books 1 at a time lol from kobo thanks a lot saw you on book tv classy lady to arthur belleville

  2. I have read all your books and since my Dad grew up In Moulinet your books bring back stories from his time to me. Thanks

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