CKGM Celebrates 50 Years in the Biz – Ah my child hood memories….

Radio sure has changed in Montreal since I was a kid.   I remember meeting the Legendary Ralph Lockwood while working in the Arctic in the 80’s and of course listening to real local radio growing up in Montreal.

Marc Denis has a cool history of the station on his website.

L I N K The Suburban, which I delivered as a kid! Covers the festivities.  Now where is Ted Tevan?

“Legendary deejay Marc “Mais Oui” Denis, a Kirkland resident, chronicles the history of the station well on his website ( When we spoke on Friday he told me that this reunion has been in the making for six years. Besides present-day TEAM 990 personalities such as Mitch Melnick, Elliott Price, Denis Casavant, PJ Stock, Shaun Starr and Tony Marinaro, confirmed alumni include Jim Bay, Buster Bodean, Rob Christie, Al Gravelle, Eden Polansky,  Bob McDevitt, Tom “Bones” Malone, Don Burns, Robert Vairo, Senator Jim Munson, Roger Abbott of Canadian Air Farce fame and the newly reunited Q92 FM morning team of Aaron Rand and Murray Sherriffs. The legendary Ralph “The Birdman” Lockwood was slated to attend, but health reasons will keep him back in Pennsylvania.”

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