For those of you on the Holiday Shopping Warpath – Have a tea, take a breath – it only gets worse! Saturday November 28, 2009 – Cornwall Ontario


Holiday Shopping can be hard work!

At the end of your shopping day you don’t want to cook.  If you have the energy why not a lovely evening at Schnitzels.

or if you’re too pooped to go out you can always order in some Pizza and munchies from Roma’s

Shop Locally, Spend Locally, and Advertise Locally!

If you didn’t get that perfect gift at Laura’s Flowers & Fine Gifts

just remember that Flowers from Flowers Cornwall & Diamonds from Pommier Jewellers may just be the trick to get you out of the doghouse!

Please visit our fine family of Sponsors as they all believe in our community and  can show you what a  difference local shopping can be!


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