Jack Layton calls for More Affordable Canadian Housing – November 29, 2009

jack Federal NDP Leader Jack Layton is calling for a National Affordable housing plan after a Conservative MP’s comments in Halifax recently.

Earlier this week, South Shore-St. Margarets Conservative MP Gerald Keddy told The Chronicle Herald that farmers need to import migrant labourers because Nova Scotians won’t do the work, referring to “all those no-good bastards sitting on the sidewalk in Halifax that can’t get work.”

Mr. Keddy has since apologised for his remarks, describing them as insensitive and unkind.

Mr. Layton wants to create a bill that would force Canada to have a National Affordable Housing Plan.   L I N K

And for those of you in Cornwall that would like to discuss this subject further there’s a Wine & Cheese event here in Cornwall with NDP MP Andrea Horwath in attendance.  It’s from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. today, Sunday the 29th, at the RCAF Wing 424, 240 Water St., West, Cornwall.

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