Alouettes Take Grey Cup 28-27 over Saskatchewan as Roughriders Coach Pulls a Don Cherry – November 30, 2009

gcupL I N K Methinks a coach will be fired?   Too many men on the field led the Als to the Grey Cup in the dying seconds of the game.    Saskatchewan was celebrating on the sidelines, and the game looked like it was over as Montreal missed a last ditch field goal.

“For that, Riders head coach Ken Miller will be roasted. Who knows, maybe even fired.

They care about football that much in Saskatchewan.

“It’s going to be a disappointment for our football team for the rest of their lives,” a distraught Miller said afterwards. “Everyone in our locker room knows we should have won that football game.”

The whistle blew and it was discovered that the Roughriders had too many men on the field resulting in a closer attempt that changed history and left Regina stunned and saddened.

You’ve got to love those 1 point games!   Congrats to Anthony Calvillo and the rest of the Alouettes on getting the job done!

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