NDP Fundraiser Brings New Leader Andrea Horwath to Town – Cornwall Ontario – November 30, 2009

horwby Markus Noé:

The newly elected leader of Ontario’s New Democratic Party, Andrea Horwath was in town this Sunday to headline a party fundraiser. This wine & cheese, silent auction event was held at the R.C.A.F.A 424 Wing, where a group of NDP members got a chance to meet their new leader.

Greeted with the crowd’s applause after a brief introduction by city councilor Elaine Macdonald, Horwath took the podium. The NDP leader wasted little time before discussing her main issue with the McGuinty government, the widely debated harmonization tax.

“It’s going to cause an increase of about 8% on all kinds of goods and services. It’s going to kick people when they are already down,” said Horwath when discussing her disappointment with the tax.  The NDP believe that the harmonization tax will slow down spending; when they think this is time spending should be encouraged.  Horwath explained this when she said, “businesses understand that the only way that they can cope with this tax increase is to pass it on to the consumers, and we all know when things cost more, people don’t spend.”

The NDP leader believes that the economy has not completely rebounded, and it is not appropriate to introduce a new tax. Horwath explained this when she said, “this economy is still shedding jobs. In fact we are now shedding part-time jobs. If there was a wrong time to introduce a new tax, this is it.”

Horwath continued to show her frustration with the Mc Guinty government when she said, “they are going to introduce a new tax but then give the corporate sector a tax cut that will blow a 2 billion dollar per year hole in our revenue stream.” One of the consequences of this tax cut according to Horwath will be that the government will not be able to hire more nurses and provide relief for the ongoing shortage.

Towards the end of her speech Horwath stated, “we are very proud to be fighting this tax increase as it’s not only the wrong tax but it’s wrong time for it.” After answering a few question by her supporters and the media, Horwath left.  The new leader will busy for the next 18 months leading up to the next election, as she has pledged to visit every riding in Ontario.

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