Ontario Farm News Quick Hits – December 1, 2009

Here are your Farm News Quick Hits for Tuesday December 1, 2009

Cash Cost Spike Causes Crunch

“especially frustrated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and its double standard on pesticides. On the one hand, Canadian farmers are denied access to cost-saving chemicals that are routinely available in the U.S. and elsewhere, yet the agency does nothing to prevent fruits and vegetables treated with these compounds from coming across the border.”

That makes sense to me.  If it’s not good enough for our Ontario farmers it shouldn’t be good enough for our stores.

Ontario Grape Crop More Raisin that Grape

Food Inc. Movie Review


“As the movie states these ‘fresh’ tomatoes are nominal tomatoes — they represent the idea of a tomato.Tomatoes in our grocery stores are no longer bred or raised for taste or nutritional value, but rather to give us the memory of a tomato. Anyone who has ever had a fresh tomato picked from a garden and compared that to the cardboard-like things available in our grocery stores knows that what they are experiencing is just the hint of a memory of what a tomato should taste like.”

Ontario Corn Crop Questions for 2009

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