Ovechkin Knees Gleason – Can’t get up – Leafs Shut out by Ryan Miller & the Sabres – Calgary Shuts out Nashville – December 1, 2009


What can you say about Alex Ovechkin that hasn’t been said before?  He plays with utter abandon and love for the game and winning hockey.   He will not have the longest career in the NHL, but it will be one of the most exciting.   The man plays with an edge and sadly edges sometimes are double sided as this video shows.

Washington defeated Carolina 3-2, but the loss of Ovie could be much greater than the value of that one W.

Hab Talk: So maybe I was wrong?  I have to give the Montreal Canadiens and Coach Martin credit for squeezing the tube of toothpaste to the very end and getting points out of a beaten up and inexperienced group of players.

I think this ordeal by fire is character building, and there does seem to be an awful lot more character on this team than many people gave them credit for including me.

And character wins Stanley Cups.


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