Earth Matters – by Jacqueline Milner – A Special Gift That Keeps on Giving – December 2, 2009

EarthMatters12_01_09 A Special Gift That Keeps on Giving

As we are now into the Christmas Season full swing, wouldn’t you like to give a gift that keeps on giving?  A gift that promotes well being provides shelter and food and is available for a nominal investment?  Wow this sounds like a wonderful gift.  What is it and where can I get it?

Believe it or not, your local nursery.  That’s right your local tree nursery.  The beauty and benefits of trees and shrubs are enormous.

Trees provide food and shelter for wildlife and people.  On a sweltering hot day, the welcoming shade of a tree is cool comfort indeed.  Comfort from the sun and the hustle and bustle of the day.  Trees in urban settings have a restorative effect that releases tensions of the day.  Trees offer aesthetic functions such as framing a view and bringing natural elements into city surroundings.  Attracting wildlife to an area, Trees help support biodiversity of animals and well as habitat.  CFPTreescape

Trees produce oxygen and store carbon dioxide (just what we need) which helps to clean and restore our air.  Planting trees and shrubs along creeks, rivers and wetlands help control water and soil runoff, removes sediment, reduces corrosion, flood damage and increases water quality by reducing the pollution of water runoff.  Numerous studies have correlated the reduction of loss in streamside trees and vegetation with the reduction of aquatic diversity and fish populations.

Strategically planted trees around a home can represent significant savings in cooling and heating costs to a homeowner throughout the year.  Species can be planted to shade in the heat of summer and cut the chilling winds of winter.

Personally, the symphony of the leaves in the wind on a summer or fall day is absolute heaven to my ears.   Think about gifting a Tree to your special someone.

Perhaps a gift to mark a special occasion or date. I’m certain your local nursery would be happy to give you a gift certificate to be redeemed for spring time planting.  A special gift that will continue giving and benefit the receiver and many others for years to come.

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