Editorial – The Scottish Play – Macbeth or my Open Letter to the Liberal Party of Canada – December 6, 2009

So I was sitting having lunch with Joe Gunn yesterday.    Joe is of course not a Liberal by any means or definition.   We have these occasional meetings and usually end up discussing politics and making “two bit” bets.

Since the Cornwall News has evolved I’ve become more interested in Politics at all levels, and have had the opportunity to discuss and learn at the foot of many an experienced and wizened soul.

mcb Personally I want to send a copy of Macbeth to each major Liberal Party of Canada player.    My membership recently expired and I’ve yet to renew with the party.    My personal issues I won’t print at the moment, and as was suggested to me by many people my role as editor of this paper should be more neutral and party friendly which is something I’ve tried to do at all times.

Sure I’m not a supporter of Mr. Harper’s government, but that’s more out of my lack of appreciation for Neo-Con philosophy or agendas.

Personally I think that the pie should be shared more friendly with less going to those that need it less than those that need it more.  I get labeled a socialist as though it’s a horrible thing, but as I’ve pointed out to many, they have rich people in Sweden yet somehow manage to do a better job at taking care of their population.

Back to the Liberals.   L I N K Not sure if a story like this is tossed out as Conservative propaganda to undermine confidence or by Liberals who simply have come to the conclusion that Mr. Ignatieff isn’t the man to do the job.

“Since Pierre Trudeau, no Liberal leader has left on his own terms. John Turner was shown the door by the Chrétienites; Jean Chrétien was forced out by Martinites; we know what happened to Dion and now we see Ignatieff is on the same path.”

Certainly the numbers are not in his favor, and of course he faces a difficult task, but I have to say as someone that’s been a Liberal Party of Canada supporter that this party is in great jeopardy of falling behind Mr. Layton and the NDP.

I don’t say that as though it would be the worst thing in the world to happen.  Just pointing out that people that eat their own as openly as the Liberal party of Canada has in the last few years don’t create confidence in the electorate.

While I and many of those that read this may disagree and not support Mr. Harper I will give him full credit for the “appearance” of strength.   It’s his way or the highway as clearly evidenced by those that have left his team and the inactions of our own MP who clearly shows who he feels he works for.

That strength I think is something that Canadians respect and appreciate.   I think it’s something they understand too.  It resonates in the dark of a voting booth or in their private thoughts.

It will take a lot more than slick ads and horrible economic numbers to defeat Mr. Harper.   I think if an election were held today Mr. Harper would finally have his majority and I’m not sure that it would be the best thing for Canada.

So maybe it would be best if the Liberal Party of Canada united behind Frank McKenna.    I think even if only for onefrank wonderful term a lot of positive changes could occur for Canada, but I think even this plan can only work if the Liberal Party of Canada big stage players united, cleaned house properly and simply decided that if you can’t follow a leader and be a team, then they need to find another party.

The next Federal election is to me only going to be about one issue and that’s whether to give Stephen Harper a mandate and majority or not.   If Canada chooses that they are choosing everything he stands for.    The options should be clear, and the voting should represent that clarity.

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  1. cannot agree with you entirely – have been to Sweden , and found to my surprise that – 1. they were governed by people not unlike ……Stephen Harper, i.e somewhat flexible(OMG) 2. – they have much private health care – paid publicly (wait times down 60 percent in Stockholm since privatization) 3. – politicization of all government things, are more or less forbidden (calling parties neo-cons/communists etc. is not advisable) – 4. – taxes are largely on personal income, not corporate, as is the case here – people get to choose high taxes every 4 years or so, for the things they hold dear

    good luck with attracting Frank McKenna – he’ll walk away from you guys in a heartbeat until you clean up your own act

  2. I would be very happy to see the NDP gain ground. For too long Canadians have flip-flopped between the two major parties. When they become unhappy with one, they go to the other, until that one wears thin, and they return full circle back to the party we started with. It’s an insane amount of second, third, fourth etc chances. How can we expect any progress if we don’t vote progressively.

    I have no idea how well the Swedish system that rightful alluded to works, but something along those lines always seemed like a decent idea to me. Why should hospitals be run by the government? When has government been good at running anything? Let health care be private, and let the government foot the entire bill for ALL necessary procedures on a Canadian citizen. You’d think that wait times and costs would go down, because it would create business competition in the field, and that leads to a better product.

  3. I am curious about how you reconcile this “Personally I think that the pie should be shared more friendly with less going to those that need it less than those that need it more.” with your support form McKenna. One of the things I best remember from McKenna’s time as premier was his plan to force single mothers to reveal the names of their children’s fathers as a condition of receiving welfare. The other thing that comes to mind was his attempts to prevent Dr. Morgentaler from running a clinic in NB. I’m not sure these ideals would be supported by the left wing of the Liberal party.

  4. Yes, thats true! The next election will be about one thing only…. whether to give Stephen Harper and the Conservatives a majority or a minority government. My bucks are on the majority!

  5. Ah yes….To be or not to be….that IS the question!
    Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
    the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
    or just admit that the only question is whether
    Stephen Harper and the Conservatives will be given a majority
    in the House of Commons next election. Alas poor Yorick….

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