Letter to the Editor – The time has come to legalize marijuana – Brian Johnson – December 6, 2009

Canadians Must Speak UP!

The time has come to legalize marijuana, tax it, and create a few hundred thousand jobs. Marc Emery is currently waiting to see if we will let the US extradite him,

to face a possible life sentence for selling seeds on the internet.

44% of Canadians have admitted to smoking weed, leading to the obvious conclusion that millions of Canadians currently possess marijuana seeds. If you mailed a

couple seeds to your friend in the US in a Christmas card, should you face a possible life sentence in prison?

Marc Emery should get a noble peace prize for his work.
He has helped alleviate much pain and suffering. He has given people the means to grow their own medical marijuana so they don’t have to interact with drug dealers.

Many “Mom and Pop” grow operations were started with his seeds, reducing the market share of organized crime, and their profits.

Many cancer patients can’t afford medical marijuana in the US but can afford seeds, the same as in Canada.  People have used his seeds to grow marijuana for

compassion clubs, some of which gave it away freely to chemotherapy patients.

Marc’s seeds have helped many family farms. When pork and beef prices crashed, some farmers were loosing money, trying to keep food on OUR tables. Some turned to

growing marijuana as a means of survival.

For his contribution in taxes, and the huge amount he has given to charities,  the pain and suffering that has been eased, are we will really going let the US

Government extradite him? One of our legendary heroes?

Sadly I doubt he will get the Peace Prize, it isn’t like he sent thousands of troops off to war.

The 6797 Proposal (6797.com) recommends making labour intensive services tax deductible, Small Market Media Tax Credit, Legalizing and Taxing marijuana and NOT

letting the US extradite Marc Emery for a possible life sentence.

To help get our message out, we have created an activist portal, where Canadians can make their voices heard (more features coming soon), available at


We would all like the power to deny certain businesses/industries the right to exist based on our own personal morals/beliefs, banks come to mind. The reality is

marijuana has been around for thousands of years and won’t go away any time soon. Do we really want to keep spending millions of dollars on marijuana prohibition, or

would society be better served by regulating the industry, taxing it, keeping people safe and creating jobs?

Support Marc Emery at www.NoExtradition.net

Brian Johnson
Wingham, ON

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  1. Before I respond to this..let me say that i have never smoken marijuana, nor done any other drug.

    That being said, it’s ridiculous that marijuana is illegal and yet alcohol and tobacco remain readily available.

    And it’s not just marijuana. The hemp plant in general has so many uses, from fabrics to paper to oils, that legalizing it and creating a hemp trade could really benefit our economy and the environment.

    Hemp doesn’t take long to grow, so it could replace trees as the number one material for paper production. It could also become the default fabric for clothing. All produced right here in Canada.

  2. Brian Johnson writes – “would society be better served by regulating the industry, taxing it, keeping people safe and creating jobs?” Anyone that would consider this line of action for the use and legalizing of weed has to be on something other than common sense!

    All the so called rational reasons I hear for legalizing marijuana are lame. Specially the rationale that says since alcohol and tobacco are accepted vices in our society, lets add another one!

    From a Scriptural point of view – to be controlled by any form of drug (except for many legitimate medicines available to society) is a form of witchcraft and sorcery. The word “witchcraft” found in Gal. 5:20, in the Greek is the same word we get our word pharmacy. God made us to be lead by His Spirit and His Word, not by mind altering drugs! See Eph. 5:17-18 and Col.3:16.

    As a former pot user, I still stand by this statement – pot is the gate way drug that opens the user up to all manner of other drug abuse. Every one knows this is true, so legalizing pot for any reason should be earnestly opposed by all!

    Pastor Tom Newton
    Calvary Baptist Church, Cornwall.

  3. Less than common sense eh? Cause prohibition works well right? War on drugs is a complete success…

    Costs billions (in taxation, which is theft, which is a crime by your book), has created a huge (multi billion dollar)black market and all the violence that comes with black markets, has lead to increase in government powers and the incarceration of millions, and… has done nothing to curb the usage of the herb! After all of that, price is down, quality is up and usage is up!

    But really, how dare one suggest people be ALLOWED to choose what they put inside their own bodies! That’s just crazy! Is anyone really trying to suggest that there exists such a concept as free will? That individuals own their bodies? Come now, you are Canadian, you are subject to the “divine right of kings” wait I mean the “social contract” and are therefore owned by the state.

    Now I am no expert on the founding documents of your flesh eating, torture worshipping cult, but how about this quote from your book of stories:

    “Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things.” (Genesis 9:3)

    How about this: I have self ownership in my body and the LIBERTY to decide what goes into it. Now you(prohibitionists) are advocating violence against me. That I be threatened for wishing to put certain substances into it. Should I not comply then armed men will come to me(police) and kidnap me(arrest) and then another man (judge) will either extort money from me(fine) or place me into bondage for a certain period of time (jail) where I stand a good chance of being assaulted, raped or even murdered. However, should I defend myself, my LIBERTY and my property from the aggressors (police) they will kill me.

    I am not a pot user, but if you are, good on you, enjoy yourself.

    Here are some sites by other nonsensical people such as myself who really swallowed the liberty and freedom thing.

    Law Enforcement against Prohibition

    National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

    Judge Andrew Napalitano

    Oh BTW, if ya’ll did legalize and then tax the hell out of the herb, we will be happy to produce cheap, tax free pot!

  4. To the lovers of Liberty:
    Libertine: one who indulges his lust without restraint – a debauchee [Webster].

    A debauchee: A worshiper of the god of Bacchus – “He was also known as Bacchus, the name adopted by the Romans[2] and the frenzy he induces, bakkheia. He is the patron deity of agriculture and the theater. He was also known as the Liberator (Eleutherios), freeing one from one’s normal self, by madness, ecstasy, or wine, [And by weed] – emphasis mine.[3] The divine mission of Dionysus was to mingle the music of the aulos [Rock and Roll – emphasis mine]and to bring an end to care and worry.[4] Scholars have discussed Dionysus’ relationship to the “cult of the souls” and his ability to preside over communication between the living and the dead.[5]” [From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia].

    Nothing new under the sun – just the names have been changed! Lust, license to sin, liberty – all the same!

  5. As opposed to tyranny? Which is what you are advocating. Anyway, while your mythology is fun, your definitions and etymology are off.

    lib⋅er⋅ty  [lib-er-tee]

    –noun, plural -ties.
    1. freedom from arbitrary or despotic government or control.
    2. freedom from external or foreign rule; independence.
    3. freedom from control, interference, obligation, restriction, hampering conditions, etc.; power or right of doing, thinking, speaking, etc., according to choice.
    4. freedom from captivity, confinement, or physical restraint: The prisoner soon regained his liberty.
    5. permission granted to a sailor, esp. in the navy, to go ashore.
    6. freedom or right to frequent or use a place: The visitors were given the liberty of the city.
    7. unwarranted or impertinent freedom in action or speech, or a form or instance of it: to take liberties.
    8. a female figure personifying freedom from despotism.
    9. at liberty,
    a. free from captivity or restraint.
    b. unemployed; out of work.
    c. free to do or be as specified: You are at liberty to leave at any time during the meeting.

    1325–75; ME liberte < MF < L lībertās, equiv. to līber free + -tās -ty 2

    4. liberation. See freedom. 6. franchise, permission, license, privilege, immunity.

  6. A pure democracy will always fail. Actually it’s like the mythology I spoke of, to bad the debauchee’s of our day take their idolatry serious. It all comes down to this: “In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes” (Judges 21:25).

    Every one knows the best form of government is not a democracy, but a theocracy. One Monarch = King Jesus! When Messiah Jesus comes again, He will rule and reign supremely. Beware all you libertarians: “Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him” (Psalm 2:11-12).

    John 8:36 says all: “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.”

  7. And, this is why church and state should be completely separated. Ill take my chances with whatever lord there is. I can tell you I lead a good life, I respect those around me. I have taken the main guidelines from the bible, most of which are the same, respect yourself, others, the planet, etc. Lead a good life. Don’t murder, etc.

    So I am quite comfortable where I am.

    Just as easily, if you keep wanting to quote the bible, Jesus forgives all. So why should I have to live in fear? Because you want to quote verses at me? Maybe back then that’s what it took to issue control over the masses, but today not so much. Our governments do a good/bad enough job on that point.

    But if I wanted to go and enjoy a little fun now and then, I can do so, and it shouldn’t mean that I should fear the judgement day in the end. Its not like I hurt someone in the end. Which regardless, again, if you want to follow the bible, Jesus forgives all.

    If you want to live in fear, or spread fear, go ahead, that’s your prerogative. But your scripture has no place here as far as I am concerned.

  8. Pastor Tom Newton Says:

    “…As a former pot user,…”

    Thank you for your enlightenment. I have never been able quite to make up my mind for or against smoking pot, but you have cleared my confusion once and for all.

    I would sooner die than be like you, and if pot has made you what you are today, then rest assured that I shall never smoke for the rest of my life!

  9. To the Wathcher:
    No pot has not made me what I am today for the Holy Scripture declares -“I am what I am by the grace of God” – this was true of the Apostle Paul, and it’s true of every born again Christian, including myself.

    The Good Lord has forgiven me of those days and much more! Grace and the power of Holy Spirit can change a murder, like Saul of Tarus (the Apostle Paul before he was converted), and the grace of God has changed me for the better. Just because you reject the authority of God – the written Word of God, and know nothing of true conversion, I am not surprised you speak thus. I am strange not because I use to smoke pot, I am strange to you because I love the Lord Jesus and want to obey Him, and you don’t.

  10. “Everyone knows”

    An odd statement. People within this very conversation disagree with arguments you have put forth, so clearly “Everyone” cannot possibly “know”.

    Moreover your argument, called “Ad Populum”, is a logical fallacy. Just because many people may think they know a thing does not mean they are correct. Once upon a time many people (everybody) knew the world was flat, and the center of the universe. They were wrong. For thousands of years everyone knew that slavery was moral and necessary for the functioning of society. They were also wrong. Once upon a time people believed in a concept called “divine right of kings”. This was also incorrect. Someday people may figure out that the “social contract” is equally mythical.

    Unfortunately you are not just fallacious, but incredibly ignorant if you think “everyone” knows that Theocracy is the best form of rule. Moreover I plea for liberty, not democracy. These concepts are often mutually exclusive.

    In addition, by calling for the continued prohibition of Marijuana, you are also arguing for a continuation and expansion of violent power by the same democratic state you later excoriate as being idolatry.

  11. Pastor Tom Says:
    “I am strange not because I use to smoke pot, I am strange to you because I love the Lord Jesus and want to obey Him, and you don’t.”

    I don’t know why when I listen to you, thoughts of Amadinejad come to mind.

    If the lord told you to set yourself on fire, would you do that? Because I’ve heard of that happening to some that believe to the extreme like you seem to do.

    No you’re just strange, and it had nothing to do with pot, but I do believe in your case and by your previous statement, “As a former pot user, I still stand by this statement – pot is the gate way drug that opens the user up to all manner of other drug abuse”, that pot was a gateway drug to you that caused you to do something else that affected you. But you cannot blame one thing other than yourself for your loss of control if it was indeed a gateway drug to you.

    As previously mentioned, I lead a good life, I respect others, I respect myself. The bibles, are only guidelines on leading a better life. You choose however, to obey what you believe he wants. You have no right to tell others that they do not obey just because they do not do so to the same extreme that you seem to do. I do not reject anything, nor do I think anyone else did. I am sure most try to lead the most respectful lifestyles that they can, unto themselves and others. And are open to having a little fun now and then.

    Though science has already proven a much different version of creationism (which you probably believe in the biblical version of creation). Answer me this, if the almighty God truly did make this planet, why did he put pot on it if he didn’t want anyone to ever do it?

    And Rezrevolt, all I can say is wow to your debate points. And I also agree with exactly what you said:

    “In addition, by calling for the continued prohibition of Marijuana, you are also arguing for a continuation and expansion of violent power by the same democratic state you later excoriate as being idolatry.”

    That has to be one of the most well put statements I have ever seen anyone put into these debates.

  12. To all you pot lovers and libertarians: Why is it that Gen 1:30 is so often used to support the so called good use of pot? Could you be looking for some Scriptural authority, as if to say “We have God’s approval” for the use and legalization of pot. Why don’t you try using some “Scriptural authority” when it comes to absolute truth, sin, morality, death, and the judgment to come? No takers -eh?

    grimalot says: “If the lord told you to set yourself on fire, would you do that? Because I’ve heard of that happening to some that believe to the extreme like you seem to do”. First of all grimalot, the Lord Jesus would never command such. How do I know that? No where in the Holy Word of God is such commanded. A Jihadist would never obey this command of the Lord Jesus – “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you”(Matthew 5:44), but a born again Christian would!

    Secondly, grimalot, living a good life won’t get you any favor from God. Those who supposedly live good lives, religious or otherwise, while rejecting the atoning work of the Lord Jesus Christ, go strait to hell. I could quote Scripture reference after Scripture reference to support what I just wrote and it would do you no good, unless the Good Lord would show you mercy and open your blinded eyes. I can’t resist – Read Romans 3:9-20.

    It’s been fun, Good day!

  13. You’re still skirting by the biggest point of all, Jesus forgives all!!. If he doesn’t, then the bible consistently contradicts itself, and removes from its own validity!!

    And again, I am not rejecting any works of Jesus. I can forgive not 7, but 77 times. But otherwise I make up my own mind, I don’t let others dictate to me how I should live my life.

    Provided I am respectful to myself and those around me, I don’t kill/murder, I basically try to be as good a person as I can be, then I in my opinion, have learned exactly what the bibles of different sorts have been written to teach in the first place, which is basically how to be a good person to myself and those around me. Its that simple, all it is is guidelines. And actually only interpretations of guidelines because Jesus or God, DID NOT WRITE THE BIBLE!, it was humanity way back when that wrote it after inspiration from the lord. As far as I am concerned, I won’t let the hellfire and brimstone version of it rule my life.

    If you want to talk scripture, well the only written verses by god according to the bible are the 10 commandments, which again are guidelines to a better life really. Kind of like a wise man said kind of thing.

    I don’t Idolize pot, I may enjoy some from time to time, but I also recognize its good effects to many around (cancer patients, etc). Do you mean to tell me that Cancer patients are all going to hell because they enjoy a little green flower to help alleviate their pains? And as I previously stated (no matter how lame you find my point to be), if its on the planet, its on the planet for a reason. So many beneficial cures are available from different plants. As an example, morphine, demerol, oxy’s, all come from the opium poppy. Heroin too unfortunately, but if any of the above are abused, then those that abuse, can only blame themselves for doing so and letting their lives get caught up in it. Because lord only knows, I didn’t let any of it control me. Who knows, if some serious and open minded thought were put into it, what could be obtained from pot, could actually be of great benefit to humanity as a whole.

  14. Geez, I smoke marijuana for medicinal purposes, I guess that means I’m going to hell!
    Im a chronic pain sufferer, disabled by a rare neuromuscular disease. For years, I tried every prescription know to man, and what did I get? 60 pounds I really didn’t need, hair that falls out, I could go on…
    I finally got my Authorization to Posses Medical marijuana card from Health Canada, and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. Before I was diagnosed, I was very set against pot heads, the ‘high life’ so to speak, but until you spend 24 hours a day in pain, you realize that pot may be on the only treatments out there, without the side effects!! My neurologist, If I’m not mistaken, is/was also at one time treating Marc Emery. She tells me that if pot is what helps, then go for it. She’d rather sign the forms for the authorization card then prescribe pills.
    So, before you think that everyone who smokes is a loser pot head, think again. You try and spend your days in pain, crying because you’ve hit your quota of prescribed meds, but are still in misery.
    P.S I think religion is a farce, so even if I was going to hell, I certainly would be upset about it.

  15. OOPS!! Should have read ” P.S I think religion is a farce, so even if I was going to hell, I certainly wouldn’t be upset about it.

  16. Lisa said:
    “Geez, I smoke marijuana for medicinal purposes, I guess that means I’m going to hell!”

    Don’t worry Lisa.. I guess in the eyes of Pastor Tom, we all are. But not to fret, I guess we’ll all have a pretty mellow trip there when the time comes.

  17. PT:

    You are not at all strange. You are full of the same self righteous fervor which infects all new converts. There is nothing at all new there. New converts to conspiracy belief, Scientology, EcoGreenieness and all other faith based organizations are equally self righteous.

    I seek no scriptural authority. I mean only to point out the inconsistencies in what you are siting as the end all be all of truth. I care nothing for a book written thousands of years ago and based off the myths of desert nomads. It is to me as authoritative a tome as Lord of the Rings or Chronicles of Narnia or any other fanciful work.

    The “truths” you read as absolute, are not. Your book is inconsistent and open to interpretation, so therefore is subjective. If a truth is to be absolute then it must be objectively true, either logically or empirically. Gravity is an absolute truth. Math is an absolute truth. Supply and demand is an absolute truth. When human beings seek to defy these absolute truths, things happen. If one leaps from a building, one goes splat. When one calculates, he is correct or incorrect, there are no other states. When one interferes with the supply or demand of something that people want, then prices rise or fall.

    This is what your prohibition does. Supply decreases, demand remains the same, or increases. Prices rise. A market forms to meet demand. This market operates under the threat of state violence and so must operate clandestinely, which further increases prices. The actors in the market will now be unable to avail themselves of the arbitration and justice services the state holds a monopoly on. Often this leads to the use of violence instead of arbitration and negotiation.

    This does not even cover the abuse of the citizenry by individuals acting for the state in order to enforce the prohibition. Increased investigative powers, increased thievery(taxation) to pay for personnel and material, increased imprisonment of human beings. The list of abuses and evils grows exponentially.

    All to keep a harmless weed out of the hands of people who want it.

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