So Who is Cornwall Ontario’s Citizen of Year for 2009?

cwsignWe’re going to do a poll and find out who you think is Cornwall Ontario’s Person of the Year for 2009.   Contest will end December 31, 2009 at Midnight!

Email in your suggestions and why to  – We’ll be adding candidates to the poll as they come in.    The nominee must either live in Cornwall or play a large role in the life of Cornwall Ontario.

Cornwall Ontario, city by the river less than 150 kilometres from Ottawa Ontario.

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  1. How about Guy Lauzon, MP, for raising our overall political awareness to such an unprecedented level?

    At one time, you knew you were in Cornwall when the only conversations you heard were:

    1) The weather
    2) The (NHL) playoffs
    3) The newest Tim Hortons

    Now we have to add a fourth: How Guy Lauzon is so totally useless!

  2. Cornwall’s Citizen of the Year Award should go to Guy Lauzon because he’s about the only person everyone is talking about!

  3. Author

    Hi Stan,

    Is that the only criteria you use? Talk? Perhaps the type of talk should have some merit too? I mean, we have people talking about Pigeon’s, the bridge crisis; all these Federal Jobs coming to Cornwall that local residents can’t get; moving CBSA stations to locations that have already been demolished.

    Surely there can be people more deserving of this honour? 🙂

  4. The only other person that comes to mind is a certain on-line newspaper publisher that certainly keeps us abreast of all the local news and happenings. Maybe that person would be more deserving.

  5. Author

    Thank you Stan, but that would be unfair on behalf of the other candidates and as much as I appreciate the sentiment I truly am not worthy…..

  6. Dooley Thompson! He lead the charge that has entertained Cornwallites and Akwesasronon alike for months!

  7. Yes Stan, if you mean that everyone is talking about how useless Guy Lauzon is, then by all means, he should be man of the year in that regards. Most useless, and PMO (not constituent) serving MP of the year that is!

  8. And of course as well Stan, we all know that Guy voted for his constituents when he voted YES to the HST. That must have been the case anyways, I am sure that more than 50% of SD&G wanted him to vote yes.

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