Houston Texas Elects Openly Gay Mayor – Annise Parker – December 13, 2009

annise L I N K Wow, Houston Texas has elected an openly gay mayor.   Times have changed. I could understand maybe Austin, but Houston?   Congrats to Mayor Elect Annise Parker the former city controller.

Ms Parker had over 50% of the votes in spite of organised smear campaigns by anti-homosexual activists in Texas.

What do you think Cornwall?  Could you see an openly gay mayor presiding over our fair city?

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  1. smear campaigns? I love the use of words by the media yet what about those smear campaigns by gay activists here in California. Anything goes in this day and age, even a gay mayor.

  2. @matt Agreed!

  3. It’s really too bad. There was not much to pick from, so voter turn out was low. She came in at a time when there was no one to run up against, so I don’t know why she considers this a victory.

  4. RE: “Could you see an openly gay mayor presiding over our fair city?”

    There was a time when our own mayor would have been shunned or have had to quit office… but with the times comes change.

    Culture and values are not a constant nor a requisite in politics, however honesty, both in public and private, should be. That would be something that an electorate could take to the polls.

    What do you think Cornwall? Could you see an honest council presiding over our fair city?

  5. Surely Ms. Parker has earned this position on the back of hard work and solid credentials rather than her sexual orientation so why diminish a perfectly good story with references to personal attributes so blatantly irrelevant to the job? Is being elected as Mayor of Houston not so newsworthy that we have to beef it up with controversy? I guess that is how media works – the good people of Houston could appoint a new Mayor any day of the week and it would go unnoticed, but make that official elect a rug muncher and you guys are all over it like flies on sh!t. Shame on you.

  6. Congratulations to Annise Parker, Mayor of Houston, Texas.

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