So Who Makes the Best Pizza in Cornwall and Why? Snowy Day Pizza Poll – December 13, 2009

pizzavillepizza So I spent the day painting in our house with the missus today and we decided to order in a pizza.   Cornwall is blessed with some mighty good pizza joints.

I thought, hey, let’s get a poll out and see who you, the residents of Cornwall like to eat pizza from and why?

So tell us Cornwall.   Who makes the best pizza for you?   If you click on the slug line you can leave comments as well.   And if we’ve missed a place email us at or you can phone us at 613.361.1755 and we’ll add them to the poll.

Who Makes the Best Pizza in Cornwall Ontario?

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  1. Hey, how come King George and Olympic Pizza aren’t on the list???

  2. Author

    Hey Mecredi there are lots of places not on the list as you can tell by the others vote total. You can email in asking us to put any restaurant on the list and if we get enough for the same place we’ll add them. Email us at

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