Prince William Inches Closer to Jumping Prince Charles to Become King – December 13, 2009

princes An aging Queen Elizabeth has started the ball rolling to groom the 27 year old Prince William, son of Princess Diana, as a “Shadow King” with the direction of Prince William eventually succeeding her over his father, Prince Charles.

L I N K “The leak will add to speculation that the Queen believes William, rather than Charles, represents the best long-term interests of the monarchy, and will raise new questions about the timing of William’s long-anticipated engagement to his girlfriend Kate Middleton.”

Methinks nobody shall ever utter the words “Her Royal Majesty Queen Camilla” now indeed….

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  1. Prince Charles will be the next King. Prince William can only succeed his father and I’m sure his “grooming” by the Queen is only to familiarize him to other Royal Duties.

  2. Prince Charles could be well into his 80’s before QE2 passes. If Charles is not in good health or of sound mind, could William take the throne?
    Charles could also abdicate.
    Personally, I cannot stomach the thought of Queen Camilla.

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