Brian Mulroney Nails Harper on Copenhagen – December 22, 2009 EDITORIAL

It looks like the Liberal Party of Canada is not the only party to not have studied and read the Scottish play.

Stephen Harper has been distancing himself and snubbing former PM Brian Mulroney, the Progressive Conservative PM that actually won two majority governments (one of which I actually voted for).


Mr. Mulroney, statesman let loose a Chretienian uppercut and wrote an open letter to the Toronto Star to Mr. Harper.   Betcha that paper gets audited by Revenue Canada for that one!

“Honest broker, middle power, peacekeeper or responsible ally – take your pick, but at least take a stand. Turn your back on the world and the world will pass us by.

That’s what we saw in Copenhagen on Friday when Canada found itself the forgotten nation.

There was Barack Obama charging in to save the day. And there you were, hiding under his skirt, mumbling feebly that you would do exactly what the Americans did on greenhouse gas emissions.”

Listen, your staff is too timid to tell you this, and Jim Prentice is too cowed by Alberta ranchers and the oil patch to speak truth to power, so I will: You’re not doing the right thing on the environment. And you’re not doing anything on the global stage.”

Now that’s smack.  I betcha Jean Chretien is tossing back a toast to old Brian as he sits by the fire.    There are always lessons to learn from the past.   Today Mr. Mulroney has hopefully sent one to you Mr. Harper.

Class dismissed!

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