Cornwall Ontario EI recipients up 46% in October – SD&G Economic News Update by Roger Sauvé

SD&G Economic News Update by Roger Sauvé – Cornwall EI recipients up 46% in October

Cornwall Ontario – December 22, 2009.

Statistics Canada reported that the number of people in Cornwall receiving regular Employment Insurance (EI) jumped by 46% in October from a year earlier.

The number of recipients in the Hawkesbury region was up by a much larger 78%.

If you want greener pastures, don’t move to Alberta just yet … the number of EI recipients in Camrose skyrocketed by over 500% in October. The increase in Canada as a whole was  62%.

Roger Sauvé is President of People Patterns Consulting ( Roger is an economist and demographer and lives in Summerstown.

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  1. Oh but don’t worry, we’re apparently on the up and up according to our government.

  2. Awesome story Roger! How do I get some of this EI money?

  3. Hi Reg – Count yourself lucky that you don’t need to collect

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