RIP – Nick Rizzuto Jr. 31st Murder Victim of Montreal for 2009 – December 29, 2009

It’s kinda rare to see gangsters die in their sleep at a ripe old age with a smile of peace on their faces.

Taking a chapter out of the Godfather movies Nick Rizzuto, eldest son of convicted mobster Vito Rizzuto who’s in prison in the US, was shot and killed Monday in Montreal.

L I N K “Nicolo Rizuto, le fils du présumé parrain de la mafia italienne montréalaise, a été assassiné ce midi dans le quartier Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, selon plusieurs sources.”

L I N K “This is an unprecedented challenge to the Rizzuto crime family. . . Since (the 1970s) they were in charge of criminal activity in Montreal – without any challenge to their authority.”

Nicaso says the move was made possible after a series of police operations wiped out a layer of the family’s management, with Vito Rizzuto himself currently in a U.S. jail.  He warns of an escalation in gangland violence.  “There will be, for sure, a retaliation,” Nicaso said. “The son – the eldest son – of Vito Rizzuto was killed. This is not just an ordinary member of the family.”

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  1. Rest in peace Nick. You were not a regular family member you were the next in line.

  2. Rest in peace nicolo, knowing you or not you are italian. And I will always respect my blood till I die rest in peace cugino

  3. Un altro morde la terra…

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