Letter to the Editor – And to MPP Jim Brownell from Donna Leroux – Cornwall Ontario – December 29, 2009

Dear Jim Brownell,

I’m writing this letter as a survivor of historical sexual abuse in Cornwall to ask for your support in continuing the counselling that has been funded by the Inquiry, which is scheduled to end on the 15th of January, 2010.

Because of the abuse that I have lived, I have spent my whole life suffering from depression, shame and guilt among other symptoms. I have attempted to find healing my entire life, and it was not until I started working with my current psychotherapist that I truly began to see results. However, there is still much work to be done.

Contrary to Commissioner Norman Glaude’s recommendations, the Ontario Attorney Generals Office has decided to proceed with the cancellation of funding. Now I, along with many of the other survivors who have finally begun to find hope are being forced to give up our progress and start all over again somewhere else.

With the Inquiry finished, the hope is that the children of the future will be better protected than we were. However, we, the children of the past, should not be forgotten or left behind.

And so I ask you, Mr Brownell, to please advocate on our behalf, that we may be able to continue to receive the important support that has been helping so many of us better our lives.

Donna Leroux
Cornwall Ontario

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