Don’t you hate those end of year top ten lists? Cornwall Ontario – December 31, 2009

I know I sure don’t get excited over them.   All these sites and magazines showing off their top ten lists hoping that the stories will resonate with you the humble viewer, or perhaps even cause some sort of controversy.

Crap that.  Top Ten lists are the domain of people whose teeth have spaces or really good staffs of writers.

For us humble peons top ten lists are simply an excuse.  A desperate attempt to fill space when there’s nothing to write about besides Death, War, Unfair Taxes, Fish, or Britney Spears, or celery spears…with cream cheese filling, which is probably healthier than Britney Spears.

I digress.   I for one am fed up of these lists.    2009 hasn’t been all that great of a year anyway what with the recession, or depression depending on if you lost your job or started the year without a job to lose.

Sports wasn’t that exciting around our neck of the woods either unless you’re into the CFL and we won’t go there.

Here in Cornwall Ontario things were kinda peppy what with the Seaway International Bridge Crisis and our government ostriching, and making like the issues were of such utter National importance that it was best to do almost nothing other than harass the residents of the area by slowing down the crossing via the temporary bridge crisis.   Our brave MP took his head out of the ground long enough to suggest we move customs to a building that had been bulldozed months before, but I do give him points on bravery and he does dress really really well.

The city took up archeology as a new civic hobby with a particular dig on the corner of 1st and Pitt netting the city thousands of dollars worth of vintage oil drums; pieces of which I’m told just may be on display at the new 3+1 Arena.

City Council and mayor entertained us all year as well with a few rambunctious moments in between flag pole debates and reversals of decisions about shaky roads covered the mist of hungry politicians jockeying for re-election in the 2010 race that begins January 4th.  Taxes will hardly goes up as the city ventures back into that safe feeling of indebtedness that we Canadians seem to feel so comfortable with.

Brookshell disappeared, but 2009 isn’t over yet and the new Shopper’s Drugmart store shell is up as is the distribution centre.   The new Federal Call centre has been on a hiring frenzy too; just not of local’s who already weren’t working for the Federal government.    The Glengarry apartments have been set to be converted to condos as powerful visionaries are at work in Cornwall, and has anyone else noticed the subtle conversion of some of our Chinese restaurants into Japanese/Thai houses?

No, it’s been a rough 2009 for many, but overall it’s been a good year for Cornwall.   We’ve all worked hard and most of us have pulled through.

Cornwall?  She’s looking better.   More of the Domtar site’s been cleared.  The hospital project is humming.  Brookdale is looking more and more like a piece of Kingston or Ottawa, and water meters are on the way!

Our future truly is bright and shiny.   We started trying to inform and entertain you our amazing viewers in February of this year and it truly has been an amazing first year, and it’s not even over yet.   You’ve given us an opportunity and we truly are grateful for it.   There will be more changes coming up as we are about to celebrate our 1st Anniversary this February.  Keep watching.  Keep reading; keep telling your friends and family about us, and please keep shopping at our sponsors and telling them that you saw their ads here.

“Shop Locally, Spend Locally, Advertise Locally”

May you all have an amazing and safe New Years as we welcome in 2010 from all of us at The Cornwall Free News!

Btw, this is our very first sponsor

Marcel Bourgon of The Groomery (136A Montreal Road)  He’s not our biggest client and he’s generally mean and nasty when I come into his shop, but in between the snipping, hosing, drying, and coiffing he’s been very loyal.

It took his first step and confidence in a little idea of creating an online community newspaper that led us all on this wonderful journey, and I want to say a special thanks to the first person who said yes.    There have been a lot of “no’s” and there still are, just not as many. 🙂

Every dream.  Every journey.  Every goal takes the first step, and without people like Marcel all those things sometimes don’t happen.


  1. Congrats to the Cornwall Free News. If you did have a Top 10 list (Sorry, but I really like those) you would have to put your new and vibrant paper on that list. Keep up the great work into 2010..

  2. Happy New Year to you all at the Cornwall Free News. Keep up the good work and may you prosper in the new year keeping us up-to-date on the goings-on in Cornwall and surrounding areas.

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