Letter to the Editor – Brian Lynch re: Stipend Increases for Council – December 30, 2009

December 30, 2009

Dear Editor:

I disagree with the recent  suggestion by Mayor Bob Kilger that the City of Cornwall should provide stipends to council members who sit on the boards and committees of various community organizations.

This is simply a pay increase through the back door for council members in addition to their regular pay and expense allowances.

When people run for city council they should know that they are expected to serve as the city representatives on a number of local boards and committees as part of their job as mayor or city councillor.

The Mayor would also know that hundreds of local residents serve on the boards and committees of various community organizations without pay.   These citizens volunteer their time because they want to improve the quality of life in our community.   Cornwall is indeed fortunate to have so many civic minded citizens who contribute greatly to the betterment of the community.

Yours truly,

Brian Lynch


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  1. I also disagree. Considering they spent a bunch on charities and such without consulting the people, who gave them their expense accounts in the first place. Not that I’m not for supporting charities, because I definitely do, but it should come out of their own pockets. Not out of taxpayers pockets. They pocketed their pay while spending our money for us!

    So yes, I agree with you Mr. Lynch.

  2. Brian & Grimalot: It’s all about money! That is the only thing that interests these people “serving” the public. It’s all about getting the largest amount of money into their pockets at our expense! Don’t think that it’s anything else! They don’t give a hoot for the public, just their own petty agenda’s.

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