Is it Justin Trudeau Time Soon? Cornwall Ontario – December 30, 2009

There’s a lot of talk around Canada about the future of Michael Ignatieff.    There are a lot of potential replacements in Liberal land, and one of the most talked about is Justin Trudeau.

Mr. Trudeau has been very patient while working hard to raise his profile and not simply trade on his name.    It’s a very ….conservative approach to politics, and one I’m not 100% sure his father would’ve followed.

It looks like we’re not going to have an election anytime soon.   Mr. Ignatieff is rallying his forces and it should be an interesting spring as Stephen Harper tries to maneuver into a majority government.

Legacies are funny things, creating them, living up to them, and politics is a blood sport, and not for the squeamish.  One wrong move and your name is Kim Campbell.

L I N K Lawrence Martin focuses on youth in the link to your left and feels that Justin Trudeau is the anti-dote to the apathy shown by youth regarding politics in Canada.   Maybe he’s right?  I’m not so sure.

“Justin Trudeau, 38, is the politician who can change things. He is young, articulate in both languages, dashing, magnetic. Wherever he goes he draws a crowd. Charisma is a rare political gift. About one in 1,000 have it. He has it.

Trudeau initially had the reputation of being a bit flaky. But he hasn’t come across that way since arriving in Ottawa. He’s shown a sense of discipline and a willingness to be patient and learn. At the same time he has a sense of humour while coming across as an independent thinker.”

Is Justin Trudeau the Real Deal?

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I think Canadians are simply waiting for a leader to captivate them, and capture their attention and support.   With the current conditions in Canada we are all far too busy to give much energy or attention to a Candidate unless they are the real deal.

Do you think Justin Trudeau is the real deal?   Vote in our poll. And feel free to post your comments.

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  1. Just another elitist like Ignatieff.Born with a silver spoon in his mouth.
    Just another academic(only real job he had was as a teacher for a few years in a private school) but to a far smaller scale than Dion or Ignatieff.
    Has nothing in his background that sets him off as a MP with substance or knowledge.
    Justin Trudeau will become Canada’s Ted Kennedy.He will be in parliament his whole life, and like Kennedy and Ignatieff, life time members of the privileged class,he won’t know why he wants to be Prime Minister,except that he is his father’s son,and it should be so.

  2. Canada already has a real leader in PM Harper.We are not waiting on something we already have.You idiots in the press want corruption back,but Canadians want honesty and we have that in PM Harper.You Liberals just cant buy a leader can you.Now your going for name brand,hoping to get your hands on the treasury again.No thanks,we already had your Adscam and NEP.

  3. For heaven’s sake, didn’t one Trudeau do enough damage to this country? Justin, with his father’s looks and mother’s brains is still a flake despite what Lawrence “Lib Butt Kisser” Martin has to say!

  4. Author

    Bert I don’t see much honesty coming from Mr. Harper and he’s spent far more trying to buy Quebec and his majority government than Adscam ever cost. Please, don’t let the issues get in the way of your partisanship. 🙂

  5. Way to go Bert! Stephen Harper doesn’t have to manoever into a majority government, he already has one! All he needs is an election! Ignatieff will give him that in the Spring when they have a non-confidence vote on the new budget that will be presented.
    Admin: whatever Stephen Harper is doing, he’s NOT doing it with stolen money like the Fiberals did. Do you think you will ever really know what the total amount of money stolen in the Adscam is? Never!

  6. Justin Trudeau go home! There will be no veni, vidi, vici for you. You are not your old man!

  7. Justin Trudeau is a lightweight. The west will never accept another Trudeau.

  8. Yes, Mr. Harper is a leader. He led us into a recession, he led us into Afganistan and he has led Canada into being a joke at the environmental summit.

  9. Only in the Liberal minds is Justin capable of leading the Liberal party. The Libs yearn for return of the Trudeau years. However, they forget that Trudeau was much despised in many parts of the country. However, they continue to dream in their Liberal world that another Trudeau is in the making. How many times do Libs and their supporters in the media talk about Pierre Trudeau. They forget he changed the country not for the better. He put minorities in charge of the country versus the majority with his charter of rights. He virtually destroyed the Alberta economy with the National Energy program, instituted wage and price controls which hurt the ordinary person and the list goes on.
    So the Libs can continue to live in their fantasy world and Harper will continue to wipe the floor with them because of the ineptness. Wake up Libs. This is 2010, not 1968.

  10. Author

    Stan what Mr. Harper is doing with our money is a shame; one that history will note too. His MP in our riding has spent $68K in the last documented year in mailings alone! The only thing Mr. Harper seems to be good at is dividing the country and getting people to rip apart the bridges that took generations to build.

  11. Wooing the young voters who have just come out of high school and or post-secondary, freshly brain-washed with the prof’s view on what Canada should be, what Canada’s values are, how we must be seen around the world isn’t terribly difficult. Just announce that pot will be legalised (how many times did Pierre do that one to great success) and you’ve got enough additional votes to tip the scales. And these folks call themselves ‘honourable’?
    Easy pickings, for like the rest of the world, our population has no shortage of gullibles.
    History will repeat itself only if we do not learn from the past. The Liberal party will fashion Son Of Margaret into a delightful package. If their plan is truly successful, anyone who openly states that they do not like or agree with Son Of Margaret will be labelled as Un-Canadian, old-fasioned, a caveman, a Neo-Con (that one always kills me), a George Bush lover, not in sync with traditional Canadian values, being on the FAR-Right (fascist)………you get the idea. Gee, do you think the CBC might just get on the old bandwagon?? No, of course not. They don’t choose sides do they?

  12. Arabica: he certainly is a leader! Unfortunately, he didn’t lead the country into a recession, it was worldwide! Stephen Harper didn’t lead us into Afghanistan either, it was Johnny Christian, at least lay the blame at the feet of the guilty party. On the last note, Canada is not a joke to those members of the environmental summit held in Copenhagen recently. Even though we all had a little chuckle, it’s business as usual with Canada. Your glass seems to be half-empty.

  13. I have never been a Liberal but if this is the Liberals last hope they are in trouble.As one reporter said he has his dad’s name but his Mother’s brains.If this guy is an example of some of his statements the day he leads the party is the day the Conservatives become Canada’s permanent government

  14. Huh? What has this guy done?

  15. To Bert, Stan, Ontarian, lets see some truly proportional representation in our political system and then lets see if Harper can get his Majority. What you don’t seem to understand, is that the only reason Harper stays in power is because everyone really is fed up of politics and don’t bother to go vote. If everyone truly went and voted, and if we had truly proportional representation, I wonder how things would change.

    I urge you all to support truly proportional representation.

    Otherwise down with Harper as far as I am concerned. He can take Guy with him too. Since we all know Guy votes for what his boss wants, not his constituents.


    This is not in any way a showing of support for the Liberals, because damn they messed up bad. But I do think our whole political system needs a rampant overhaul!

  16. I mean, afterall, 3 elections in 4 years from the one that promised fixed elections, that says it all to me! You want to talk about a powergrab trying to get a majority, the answer is staring you in the face. And breaking his promises just as bad as Dalton McGuinty!

  17. I’m a Liberal. But come on, is this the best we can do?

    We need a butt-kicker, not a dainty, pretty face. He’s just got no substance. Bring back Chretien, a real street-fighter.

  18. I love this. The liberals are going to go with Bob Rae next up and then Justin Trudeau. If you’re a Conservative it doesn’t get any better.
    Why do the Liberals insist that Canadians want a different government in power? Who exactly are these Canadians?
    The current Nanos poll shows Conservatives with a substantial lead over all the other parties and that says to me that the only change Canadians really want is from a minority Conservative government to a majority Conservative government and they’ll get one after the next election.
    And Arabica, your three points indicate to me that you know little of what is going on around you and that you are not a Conservative supporter.

  19. We all remember how Bob Rae drove Ontario into the ground. He doesn’t stand a chance of getting anywhere in the Liberal party. NeilD you asked a valid question: “Why do the Liberals insist that Canadians want a different government in power?” The answer is that it’s all they have to say. They have now come up with anything new to present to the Canadian people and thats why the Conservatives would have a majority government if an election would be held today. “Who exactly are these Canadians?” They are a figment of Liberal imagination. Liberal policy is to blast eveything the government is doing, even if it’s good! Unfortunately for the Liberals, the average Canadian is quite smart and knows that this country has benefitted from being run by Conservatives. My vote is going to be Conservative and for Guy Lauzon. Say what you will, he’s still the best candidate for our riding and the farmers love him!
    Grimalot: don’t be so rampant!

  20. Author

    Ontarian, lest you forget the MAJORITY of voters in ONTARIO actually VOTED for the current LIBERAL premier DALTON McGUINTY. 🙂

    And the vast majority of Canadians in the last Federal election voted AGAINST Mr. Harper and his trained pack of attack pigeons.

    Lest you forgot that too. The sad thing about some of you quasi-conservatives is that you practice this neo-con type demogoguery that’d make Rush Limbaugh grin and then ask what you said again as if that mattered.

    Partisanship is the failure of lesser men (and women).

    If I wanted to live in the US I’d move there. I choose to live in Canada, and hope that one day soon our country regains its sanity and ends this farcical mess than the Harper government is turning it into whether Internationally; economically, or simply rationally in our ability to live and work with each other within our country.

    Especially during a recession we need to be pulling together as a country and people instead of driving wedges in and pulling apart.

    And I’m not so sure farmers love Guy Lauzon as much as they used to. As a matter of fact our own polls show that another Conservative candidate would perform much better than Guy would if an election were called.

  21. Understand one thing – the “youth” are incensed at the Boomers largely because the Boomers allowed the elder Trudeau to spend the country broke. The youth allied to the young Trudeau want to cut the guts out of the Boomers’ retirement, pension, snowbirding healthcare and everything they see as a benefit to the people who are now in their 60’s. Some of us are moving to Panama, but like the Lebanese who we pulled out during that Hezbolla war a couple of years ago..more than 15,000 Lebanese with Canadian passports , we will also demand our rights, which largely means Health Care..and no Trudeau son of a … whatever..will take it from us. It is really necessary for Boomers to support Boomers for federal government office. Sadly a lot of our ilk are also Liberal/socialists cutting off their nose to spite their faces. Too much Woody Guthrie in their pablum obviously.

  22. Look up what Thomas Mulcair said about him on the floor of the house in response to one of his ridiculous speeches. There is nothing there and Mulcair was right on point.

  23. Grimlot: Proportional Rep will never work until the senate is abolished.Can you believe B.C. with six senate seats and New Brunswick with ten now that is proportional

  24. Canada needs an imperial overlord… Palpatine or Vader!

  25. To Grimalot: Give it up Brian, nobody wants proportional representation!

  26. Imperial Overlord Harper!

  27. Canada has slipped into the nether with the Harper crew. They fire anyone they do not like, they place religious nutbars (Gary Goodyear, Preston Manning) in roles that should be left to actual scientific reality based types. They Kill transparency at every turn…

    And there are still some who are so blinded they cannot see that. I have no party, but the cons and all their hangers on are not Canadians. Why do some want to be Americans. No pride.

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