Smart Car Going Electric – Would you Drive One? Cornwall Ontario – December 30, 2009

I have no idea why I smile every time I see a Smart Car?  I know I’ve wanted one since they’ve come out.

I loved the idea of the original diesel and getting over 60MPG and was a bit disappointed when the new gasoline powered Smart For Twos came out which reduced mileage.

Now Mercedes is going to release an electric model.   L I N K

“Standing next to the Smart, it feels as though you should pick it up, tuck it under your arm and take it indoors to keep it warm on a frosty night. No need. Simply plug it in and the Smart fortwo ED looks after itself. It does take an overnight charge (using a 220-volt outlet) to fully recharge the battery, but once topped off the ED delivers a 135-kilometre driving range”

For Cornwall I think these little babies would be amazing.  We already see a bunch on the road here.   It’s a shame that there’s no local dealer.

What do you think Cornwall?  Would you drive a Smart Car?

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  1. I’d drive one! Just what we need for tooling around the streets of Cornwall.

  2. Wow, a whole 135 km, you could make it Ottawa and half way back on that. But what do you do when you are only half way home and you run out of go juice?

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