MPP for SD&SG Jim Brownell Meets Victims of Abuse over Project Truth Inquiry Recommendations – Counselling Budget Cut Concerns – Cornwall Ontario – December 31, 2009

SD&SG MPP Jim Brownell met with two victims of abuse who wrote him about funding cuts to their counselling today after Letters to the Editor appeared in The Cornwall Free News.

Donna Leroux and Marge Laprade are concerned that the therapy they’ve been receiving now, after 40 years of not getting assistance, will be cut off as of January 15th as has been communicated by the Attorney General of Ontario and Minister Chris Bentley.  It’s almost as though they’re being re-victimized.

Mr. Brownell has written a letter on behalf of each victim that’s contacted him as he’s advocating to put the victims concerns and needs front and centre as a priority.

Ms Leprade and Leroux are concerned that the government wants to only support family counselling.   Currently they are in deep therapy which has had tremendous results for them, but that has been an ongoing process.   Building trust and a relationship with their therapist hasn’t been easy for either.

The therapy only started to be funded after Project Truth was initiated.   Prior to the therapy both women complained of being very shy, timid; suffering from anxiety, and other conditions including not being able to fulfill career aspirations and life goals.  The difference between Counselling and Therapy being very dramatic.

Marge talked about “Thriving instead of surviving.”   Donna talked about feelings of shame and low self-esteem being reduced as Mr. Brownell listened.

“One of the first issues I tackled after healthcare once I was elected was the Inquiry and the well fare of the victims.” Mr.Brownell explained.  “It was frustrating to not be able to attend most of the hearings due to legal procedure which prevents the potential of influence that MPP’s must follow.”

“We have to follow the Recommendations of the Inquiry.” Mr. Brownell went on,”I’m going to be meeting shortly with the people at Prevaction.”  He’s also sent letters directly to the Minister Chris Bentley requesting continued support and assistance for the victims.

Marge said she felt much more hopeful after meeting with Mr. Brownell while Donna is reserving judgment as the 15th is only a few weeks away, and her anxiety at losing her therapist grows by the day.

What do you think Cornwall?  Is the government doing enough to support the victims?

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  1. The government (Fiberals) need to get off their butts and make sure that these victims get adequate support and assistance. It’s ludicrous to continue to elect people who wash their hands of everything important to us and only push their own agenda’s. Next election let’s clean house and hold everyone elected accountable. We can do it Ontario!

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